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Laflafett Co Ltd ,Agricultural Equipment & Supplies in Malta,		        						      Seeds, plants, vegetables, animals, trees, shrugs, tractors, Quality,

Laflafett Co Ltd

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St Joseph House , Bingemma, L-Imgarr, Malta MGR 2601

+356 9940 3342 , +356 9989 9831 John Vella
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Laflafett Co Ltd is an agricultural company based in Malta. Established in 1995, the company seeks the best raw materials for cultivation being it in soil or soiless. Hereunder, you will find our range of products to which other products will be added in future since research is always advancing and hence new products will be available for the farmer.   Products dealt with:  - Compost, peat, polystyrene trays with plastic inserts or without, vermiculite and perlite for seedling production. We also supply seeding machines. - Seeds both for the professional farmer as well as the hobbyist. Also soft fruit plants such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc. - Greenhouse structures in galvanised steel. We also supply photovoltaic sheds. - Heating and cooling equipment for greenhouses and nurseries, Circulation and extraction fans. - Peat bags and coco peat bags for soiless cultivation. - Irrigation pipes, sprinklers, misters and tape drip. - Fertilisers: soluble and slow release of various npk ratios and foliar fetilisers. - Plastic sheeting for greenhouse coverage as well as mulching film of various widths for small tunnels.    For further information, kindly send us an email on or

Ortis Limited ,Agricultural Equipment & Supplies in Malta,	        						      Seeds, plants, vegetables, animals, trees, shrugs, tractors, Quality,

Zona Industrijali, H' Attard, Ta' Qali, Malta ATD 4000

+356 2141 8236 , +356 2142 0305
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Agius Agricultural Ltd,Agricultural Equipment & Supplies in Malta,		        						      Seeds, plants, vegetables, animals, trees, shrugs, tractors, Quality,

Agius Agricultural Ltd


Agius Agricultural Ltd

Triq Fisher, L-Imgarr, Malta 

+356 2157 3402

 AAT Ltd stocks and supplies agricultural machinery of all kinds, from tractors and their implements to small scale machines for small farms which require small machines. AAT Ltd can offer for sale the following: New and used agricultural tractors and tractor parts for major brands, and implements including rotavators, hay bailing machines, ploughs, potato diggers and seeders, mounted sprayers, and a vast range of tractor implements. Small cultivators and other garden machinery.  Electrical, gasoline and diesel driven water pumps and submersible pumps. Tree and vegetable crop protection equipment.  Chainsaws and brushcutters. Drip irrigation systems including Drip tape, sprinklers, polythene fittings and pipes.  Fertilizers- soluble, foliar and slow release fertilizers including a vast range of biostimulants and micronutrients. Crop protection products including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Quality tomato, pepper, squash and eggplant seeds and other vegetable seeds. Grafted and standard tomato, pepper, eggplant and vegetable live plants.  Strawberry and raspberry plants. Coco peat bags for soilless cultivation. Bumble bees for pollination. Plastic sheeting for greenhouses and mulch film for small tunnels. Mini greenhouses for melon, squash, watermelon, etc. 

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