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GMC Transport Company Ltd,Freight Forwarders in Malta,	        						     shipping, container,

GMC Transport Company Ltd

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GMC Transport Co Ltd, Crave House, Triq San Bernard, Il-Marsa, Malta MRS 1330

+356 2559 7100 Mark Buttigieg
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GMC Transport Company Ltd is a limited liability company established under Maltese law that has been delivering reliable and efficient freight forwarding solutions since 1984. As supply chains become more geographically intricate, their success depends more and more on the expertise of competent transport intermediaries. We provide clients with a single-source solution that makes their goods...

Medsea Shipping Company Ltd.,Freight Forwarders in Malta,		        						     shipping, container,

Misrah G. Debono, L-Imsida, Malta MSD 1250

, +356 2558 0300 Mr. Anton Buttigieg
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Medsea Shipping Agency was set up in 1999 with the prime intention of promoting Malta in the shipping industry.  Through the years, the business was developed to cater mainly for Principals using Malta as a transhipment hub. At the same time our company got involved on the local trade and we are now well versed both in transhipment operations as also on the domestic market, with most of...

Air Cargo Logistics Limited,Freight Forwarders in Malta,	        						     shipping, container,

104, Ic-Cirku Ta' L-Imsida, L-Imsida, Malta MSD 1825

+356 2134 3258 , +356 9949 2432 Patrick Anastasi

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Air Cargo Logistics Limited is now offering a London to Malta courier service for your shopping from the UK Special rates are available for more than one parcel.   For parcels that reach our UK officen (by Thursday noon) Your parcel will reach Malta by following Monday.   Terms and conditions apply. Items classed as hazardous/dangerous for carriage by...

H. Mifsud Shipping Ltd,Freight Forwarders in Malta,		        						     shipping, container,

38, Pjazza Sir Luigi Preziosi, Il-Furjana, Malta 

+356 9949 7582 , +356 2123 6703 , +356 2122 6523 Stefan Mifsud

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 A shipping company that caters the needs of the clients with ease and quality services.

Joseph Bonello Logistics,Freight Forwarders in Malta,	        						     shipping, container,

91, Triq Hompesch, Il-Fgura, Malta FGR 2014

+356 2180 1762 , +356 2166 1675 , +356 9947 3229 Charles Bonello

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Joseph Bonello Logistics was established in 1970 as a family run business, providing transport of stones and building material. Within a couple of years, the business experienced its first major success after being awarded the transport contract with an established company.   During these last forthy years, the business saw further grown and to date, Joseph Bonello Logistics is...

White Brothers Ltd,Freight Forwarders in Malta,		        						     shipping, container,

68, WB Bldgs, Triq San Bernard, Il-Marsa, Malta MRS 1332

+356 2124 5512 , +356 2124 7374 Mario Ciantar
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White Brothers Ltd is well known and trusted within the local business community. As specialists in this industry it has the ability to meet the requirements and expectations of its customers and has always been committed to providing an efficient and cost effective service. This has been possible by constantly developing and broadening its area of operations through the varied services...

95, Xatt L-Ghassara Tal-Gheneb , Il-Marsa, Malta 

+356 2124 3994

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For more information about the products or services we offer, please use any of the contact details listed.

MAL Services Ltd,Freight Forwarders in Malta,		        						     shipping, container,

Vjal L-Avjazzjoni, Hal Luqa, Malta LQA 5000

+356 2180 9283 , +356 9942 5240
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Is an IATA Certified Cargo Agency.  It has been active in the cargo industry since 1945 and is among the leaders in the trade.  Its main activity is airfreight forwarding, having been the top Malta IATA Cargo Agency for the last 18 years. M.A.L. Services Ltd. has also received the Lufthansa Cargo Award for Excellence in all these years.  For the past 4 years, MAL Services Ltd....

Carmelo Caruana Co. Ltd,Freight Forwarders in Malta,		        						     shipping, container,

1923, Triq Valletta, Il-Marsa, Malta 

+356 2568 1555 Matthew Napier

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Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd is committed to provide our customers with a reliable and value-added logistics supply chain solution by leveraging our people’s expertise to ensure an efficient and cost effective service.  Core Values:  Quality, Efficiency, Integrity, Exceptional Customer Service. 

Global Freight Solutions Ltd,Freight Forwarders in Malta,	        						     shipping, container,

GFS Building (MRA009), Qasam Industrijali, Il-Marsa, Malta MRS3000

+356 2122 1229 , +356 2122 3076 Micheal Quattromani
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Global Freight Solutions is an emerging logistical company, however its origins emanate from personnel full of knowledge and vast years of expertise within the logistical services sector.   Together with their partners and alliances GFS are able to offer a wide spectrum of logistical solutions within this extremely demanding industry, securely and efficiently together with a...

Eurobridge Shipping,Freight Forwarders in Malta,	        						     shipping, container,

43, Triq Is-Sajjieda, Il-Marsa, Malta MRS 1510

+356 2248 7000 , +356 2122 3098 , +356 2124 2028 David Abela
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With our main office situated in Marsa, EuroBridge Shipping Services Ltd. is one of the leading freight forwarders in Malta. EuroBridge’s international contacts span the whole world and have imported and exported shipments to over 55 countries in 6 continents.   EuroBridge provides a comprehensive range of shipping and logistical services to over 500 clients; from food...

Sullivan Shipping Agencies Ltd,Freight Forwarders in Malta,		        						     shipping, container,

Exchange Buildings , Triq Ir-Repubblika, Il-Belt Valletta, Malta VLT 1117

+356 2229 6000 , +356 2123 3417

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Sullivan Shipping Agencies Limited as part of the Sullivan Consolidated Group is at the forefront of the key maritime services in Malta. Sullivan Shipping is based in the centre of Valletta, the Capital City of Malta, which is close to Grand Harbour, the backdrop to Malta's history and to the Company's origins.   We recognise that in today’s highly competitive...

S. Curmi & Sons,Freight Forwarders in Malta,	        						     shipping, container,

120, Triq L-Imdina, Hal Qormi, Malta QRM 9019

+356 2144 5471 , +356 2149 0484 , +356 7947 8934 Sergio Curmi
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S. Curmi & Sons is a company that has developed a strong character, focusing individual needs of our customer. Keeping in mind the constant changing needs of our clients and increasing competition has resulted in very competitive tariffs. We handle all our cargo with own handling equipment and transportation affected with our own transport means. Being a Licensed Customs Broker and...

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