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Architectural Lighting in Malta & Gozo

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Arc Studio Ltd,Architectural Lighting in Malta,

FAFNER HOUSE ,Level 3 , Suite 7 ,Triq in-Nazzjonali, Blata l-Bajda, Il-Hamrun, Malta HMR 9011

+356 2122 8257

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ARCstudio Ltd was set up primarily as an architectural restoration consultancy firm. From conception it put the importance of Cultural Heritage and the preservation of cultural identities at its heart. Malta, being strategically located in the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads of cultures and civilisations is endowed with a substantial number of cultural and heritage sites. Despite, that in the past their importance was underestimated or neglected due to other priorities, the current situation has changed drastically. Malta’s EU accession has opened up new funding opportunities, and with the government’s 2018 vision to establish Malta as a centre of excellence including in the tourism sector, the need to restore and conserve the cultural and historical heritage of Malta has finally gained its rightful significance. Nowadays ARCstudio gives importance to several other fields of the built environment. Architecture and Urban design, Environmental design and engineering, Interior design, Project management and MEPA consultancy have become merged with ARCstudio’s raison d'être – restoration and conservation. Hence ARCstudio provides its clients with a one-stop shop service to bring their dreams and ideas into reality with the least financial burdens.

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