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168, Triq Fleur-De-Lys, Birkirkara, Malta 

+356 7905 9217 Ian Abdilla

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There are so many stories going on around people in their lives, and I enjoy making great pictures out of these moments. Maybe it's all about the hustle and bustle of life, or those quiescent and intimate moments; when being alone feels as if you are sitting on top of that cliff with the wind whooshing around you, and the salty spray and mist coming from below, of sea water crashing on the ever changing rocky coastline! I seek those moments which are so unique and singular, which say so much about a person when he or she is in his or her most singular being. This sense of majesty is even more present and soulful when a person is in the arms of her other best half; when the longing soul finds rest and most of all finds its realization and fulfillment just by the mere fact of being in the arms of that one loved soul. Love has an unfailing habit of bringing out the best which anyone can offer; that raw emotion and excitement... when I am with a couple photographing their love, I am always left mesmerized - I can feel the electricity in the air, and I sense the tingling in my arms and when the eyes of the couple meet; that is, when that unique scent of love can be felt in the air around them. Such raw love is what makes the surrounding landscape work so magnificently with the couple, which creates eye watering shows of emotion and purity which only the heart who loves can comprehend.

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