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Da Vinci Health Hospital, Triq Il-Kan. Karmenu Pirotta, Birkirkara, Malta BKR 1111

+356 2149 1200 Dr Mark Xuereb

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy is a revolutionary, effective, painless, non-invasive, side effect free, evidence-based treatment for many psychological disorders. Thanks to our exclusive equipment, 8 years' experience in the field and our fully trained staff we are able to treat: Depression, anxiety, OCD, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, neuropathic pain, PSTD, cocaine & alcohol dependence, Parkinson’s disease and anorexia nervosa among many more.     We at Da Vinci in fact pioneered the technology in Malta and Gozo in 2016 and are the ones to offer this exclusive technology. Our crisis team (Crisis Resolution Malta) is the only one on the island to consist of psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers, spiritual directors and lawyers. We aim to offer a truly comprehensive 24/7 package to help people in need.     TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is really changing the way we treat psychological crises. It works within a couple of hours after the first session and the effects are long term. At our Neurostimulation Clinic, we use the revolutionary ‘Theta burst’ stimulation protocols to get people better, fast. Theta waves are inherent in our brain i.e. they are natural waves which the brain uses to function properly. If these waves are healthy, then the brain cells are too. TMS thus ‘re synchronizes’ these waves and repairs damaged brain cells at the same time.     Sessions last about 10 mins where you sit on a comfortable chair and an electromagnet is placed on your head. When ready you walk out to carry on with your day.     TMS is approved by the FDA and NICE among other world famous health authorities.   TMS is not only an effective treatment for those who do not respond to pills. It is also increasingly popular among those who are very sensitive to medication, have a damaged liver or kidney, or for those who simply want an effective, natural, safe, painless and quick alternative.   The good news is that we are showcasing new technology (H coils and new magnetic wave therapies and treatments) for dementia, boosting one’s brain function and other disorders all the time. Watch this space as we introduce more ground breaking treatments to help those in crisis!

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