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Groffe Elevator Services Ltd ,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,		        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

5/3, Triq L-Imsida, Il-Gzira, Malta GZR 1401

+356 2733 2198 , +356 2133 2198 , +356 7946 7511 Stefano Cremona

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Groffe Elevator Services started in April 2002 as a partnership between Mr. George Grech and Ing. Stefano Cremona, who both had vast experience working in the elevator industry.   Immediately the partnership was associated with prestigious suppliers such as Mac-Puar S.A. (today known internationally as MP Lifts) and Paravia International Srl. Each year saw a steady increase in sales turnover, number of new units installed, number of lifts under maintenance and employees. In May 2005 the partnership was changed to a Limited Liability Company.   Today, the company is highly considered in this line of work and installs around 60 new installations annually. It also has around 350 units under maintenance contract. Each employee has had over five year’s hands-on experience in this line of work.   The company specialises in customised applications for vertical and inclined transportation. Today the company is able to offer its clients a vast range of products such as hydraulic passenger lifts, electric traction passenger lifts, ‘machineroom-less’ lifts for both traction and hydraulic, car lifts and car platforms, dumbwaiters, goods-only lifts, service lifts and ‘home lifts’.   The company offers valid technical solutions where others fail to attain them. The company has also been awarded the TUV Austria (CE 0408) recognition as an approved installer, which indicates the high level of service quality the company is able to provide its client.   In 2007, Groffe Elevator Services Ltd. won and completed installation work on high end elevators in central Belfast, Northern Ireland for the prestigious House of Fraser. The company also signed a distribution agreement with General Lifts Ltd in Gozo for the sale, installation and maintenance of lifts for the island of Gozo.   Groffe Elevator Services Ltd. is also an authorised agent and technically qualified to perform works on suspended access systems for Power Climber Svba of Belgium.   Follow us on Facebook! 

Titan International Limited,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,	        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

The Lyric, Triq Antonio Bosio, L-Imsida, Malta 

+356 2134 1697
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Titan has also successfully committed itself to the lifts sector. We can offer traction, hydraulic and machine room less lifts. Titan has been appointed supplier for a number of lifts within prestigious luxury apartment project, as well as for a number of hotels. Titan can also offer to service, refurbish or upgrade existing lifts to conform to the latest requirements. Escalators also form part of our line up. In our range we have the most prestigious Otis, among other renowned brands such as Eleser, Dopper and Servelift.

Etralia Limited,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,	        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

39, Triq San Gakmu, Hal Luqa, Malta LQA 1892

+356 2180 7030 , +356 2333 1041 , +356 9943 6547 Jason Farrugia
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For professional advice on lift supplies, installations, maintenance and repairs, call Etralia Limited NOW and your won't be disappointed.  

Advent Lifts Services Ltd,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,		        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

Head Office - Advent Lifts Services Ltd, MRA048D, Qasam Industrijali, Il-Marsa, Malta MRS3000

+356 2248 7100

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Advent Lifts Services Ltd is a modern and highly efficient company that specialises in the design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and repairs of Vertibus lifts and escalators.  Our market leading design and innovation teams, operating from our facilities on the strategically located Mediterranean island of Malta, and from the creative and industrial powerhouse that is northern Italy, develop bespoke vertical transportation solutions that are innovative, efficient, comfortable and safe. With our ability to design, manufacture and install bespoke lifts, we are passionate about taking on new challenges to create the right vertical transportation solution for each individual situation.  Whatever the space you have to work with and the shape, size and technology required, our tailor made production system can harmoniously fit any lift to ensure smooth transportation of passengers and freight. Be it home lifts, low or high traffic passenger lifts, goods lifts, car lifts or dumbwaiters, we have designed and installed lifts in scenarios where it seemed impossible to install a lift.  Our range of products is designed to cover shopping centres, showrooms, factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, clinics, subways, airport terminals, train stations and private residences.  In addition to new lifts, we offer the service of modernisation of existing lifts. We appreciate and understand that buying a lift is an investment that customers do not want to regret. Our design, technology, manufacturing, installation and maintenance expertise are here to make every journey in a Vertibus Lift unique.  But we have no intention of stopping here. We endeavour to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by continually investing and improving the quality, aesthetics and the technology of our products. Our focus on innovative design, our relentless drive towards manufacturing excellence and technological innovation, and our passion for customer service, is all built around our primary purpose of providing customers with the best possible vertical transportation solution possible.  Our aim at all times is to create a feasible solution using optimised VERTIBUS TECHNOLOGY in the most affordable manner.  

D&S Lifts (Maintenance) Ltd.,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,	        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

Vjal Il-Wiehed U Ghoxrin Ta' Settembru, In-Naxxar, Malta 

+356 2741 3490 , +356 7933 6601 , +356 7926 1218 Matthew
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D&S Services Limited enjoys vast experience in the installation of lifts and escalators. We are pleased to inform that D&S Services Limited has one of the best-organised teams of lift professionals and engineers. We are offering lifts with the latest features and options at economical and affordable prices. We are committed to providing high quality services during all stages of your project, from new installations to maintenance services of lifts and escalators. Contact D&S Services today to benefit from the quality services offered. To ensure that we may assist you at an appropriate time, it is recommended to book an appointment.

Eni Lift Malta,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,		        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

Menahem, Triq San Filippu, L-Imgarr, Malta 

+356 9949 2362 Anthony Vella
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 At Eni Lift Malta we do vacuum lifts. This type of lift is a home elevator which is formed by a vertical cylindrical conduit and a cockpit that is located and moves by air extraction. This elevator has no machine and thus does not require a pit, this makes it the most obvious choice when it comes to home elevators. The lift is quite small and can be removed and taken along with you if you decide to move. It is also perfect for those who suffer from claustrophobia as you will still be able to see your surroundings from the glass built. People that are mobility impaired will have a new life with a lift that is durable, affordable and small enough to not disrupt the space of the home too much. It is also important to know that it is a very safe kind of elevator as it has no entrapment and in case of an involuntary stop the vacuum elevator will automatically lower itself to the floor below. Its 24-volt circuits also eliminate the risk of electrocution and it always stops and starts very smooth. Our vacuum lift is an ecological elevator which uses energy efficiently while its descending due to gravity and is of lower power consumption during its ascent. Do not wait anymore and contact us today so that you will finally be able to move around your home more freely.

Apex Lifts ,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,		        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

14, Triq San Mikiel, Ir-Rabat, Malta RBT 2440

+356 2145 0395 , +356 9944 7545 Emanuel Deguara
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Apex Lifts is committed to providing the best possible solutions to removing architectural barriers through an efficient and professional approach. Apex Lifts is receptive to the needs of their customers through product innovation, which ensures high health and safety features.   Apex Lifts offer high quality Italian products that range from the commonly known hydraulic and traction installations to innovative installations of machine roomless lifts, both in hydraulic and electrical versions. They also provide various kinds of Panaromic lifts in standard and made to measure designs. Along with complete certified products imported from MOVER and GMV, two of the European leaders in the lift technology.   The complete lifts are certified according to the latest European standards and in conformity with local legislation. All standard sizes are provided, for 4, 6, 8, 11 and 13 persons, and also customized options according to customer needs. The smallest lift fits in a shaft width of 800mm x 1000mm.   The home lift is a platform elevator which can be installed inside or outside any kind of building. It is an ideal and economical solution especially for ready built houses as it allows savings in construction costs and consumption as it requires only 240V supply. Apex Lifts provide goods lifts for home and industrial use in hydraulic and traction models depending on the customer needs. A range of dumbwaiters start from a small capacity of 100Kg in various finishes, and the service lifts are imported from a German company with a long experience in this field. The products are European certified and offered to the client at very competitive prices.   Cabin and door sizes are available in standard sizes and also with those made to measure according to the customer’s needs. In case of black-outs the platform elevator goes down to the lowest floor and allows the passengers to go out of the cabin.   Clients are recommended to visit their offices in Rabat to try and see the lifts and products. One can meet on site to discuss all possible options and receive a detailed quote free of charge. Please set an appointment at the office to view installed products and see various alternatives. 

Air-tro Services,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,		        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

Air-tro Services


Air-tro Services

Triq Il-Gudja, Hal Ghaxaq, Malta 

+356 9908 6442

 Air-Tro Service offers installation of Air Conditioning Systems, Electrical Works ,Bathroom Works and also Lift Services.

S&A Quality Assurance Ltd,Lifts & Escalators in Malta,		        						     Lifts, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, conveyor belts,,

S&A Quality Assurance Ltd


S&A Quality Assurance Ltd

Joedi Graziella Apartments , Triq L-Iskola, L-Imsida, Malta 

+356 2731 4593


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