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Kenda Ltd,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

24, Triq Indri Micallef, Hal Luqa, Malta 

+356 7972 9967 Kevin Grech
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Problems of leakage from your roof? Problems with mould and dampness also in basements? Kenda Ltd will solve your problem. We specialize in waterproofing membrane using the best quality material certified ISO 9001 which comes in different colors and with a 10 year guarantee. Our company has established experience with large projects including R Living showroom 1350mt², Metal form factory 1100m² and more. Our intention is your satisfaction! Your satisfaction is guaranteed with quality and best service. For a free quotation or any other queries please call us on 79729967.

Casa Completa,Waterproofing in Malta,		        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

Triq L-Imdina, H' Attard, Malta 

+356 9947 5925 Sebastion Duca

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Casa Completa imports chemicals for waterproofing and offers a complete waterproofing service to both domestic and commercial entities where services include: Supply and Laying of waterproofing membranes , Relining and restoring massive reservoirs, domestic wells clean up, fountains, curved and flat roofs waterproofing Repair damage concrete foundations and, beams and pillars, and all concrete buildings, Waterproofing industrial flooring with self leveling epoxy coatings We waterproof silos , cable trenches , tunnels, bridges and underground building , Cleaning of facades from algid and moulds and waterproofing with breathable products, 10year guarantee for facades Fuq il-Fiel and finishing of facades and appoggi with breathable plaster and flexible coatings. We also waterproof swimming pools and foundations .We offer Waterproofing & Damp proof free consultation.  Also visit us on

JM Vassallo Vibro Steel Ltd ,Waterproofing in Malta,		        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

Vibro Blocks Complex, Triq L-Imdina, Haz-Zebbug, Malta 

+356 2146 5202 , +356 7946 4327 Raymond Vassallo

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In building construction, waterproofing is a crucial application in order to protect concrete or other structural elements from water penetration. Different solutions and methods are available in the market in order to waterproof elements such as roofs, terrace, ground floors, and basement walls.   Waterproofing for roofs or terraces (liquid membranes): ISOFLEX-T25 or ISOFLEX-PU, are one-component liquid membranes, which offer excellent bonding to the substrate, efficient elasticity, and resistance to adverse weather conditions and UV radiation. It provides a simple and easily applied solution for difficult-to-waterproof areas such as corners, edges and joints with rain pipes. It forms a continuous, elastic membrane, without joints and can be used either for overall waterproofing of the entire roof or for the local waterproofing of cracks. After the primer is applied it can be applied to any normal roof's surface such as concrete and tiles.   AQUAMAT-FLEX or AQUAMAT-ELASTIC are two-component cement-based brushable sealing slurries that can be reinforced with polyester cloths. These are ideal for roofs or terraces that are to be covered with tiles. Its application creates a strong and continuous elastic waterproof coating, with excellent bonding and durability, able to follow expansion and contraction successfully.   Waterproofing for roofs or terraces (bituminous membranes): GILLY PA is a prefabricated membrane made of bitumen distillate modified with elastomeric polymers. It can be applied both on new or existing roofs. This bituminous membrane offers resistance to U.V. radiation, temperature change & chemical corrosion and good adhesion when heated to all supports using suitable primers.   Other waterproofing areas: A large number of both liquid and bituminous membranes are also available to waterproof interior and exterior walls, basements, pools and reservoirs.   Protecting walls: The NANOPRO-C is a water based emulsion that protects porous surfaces from moisture and salt stains. Being extremely breathable, it is suitable for natural stone, plaster and gypsum boards.

Saloujim,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

17, Triq Raddet Ir-Roti, Ir-Rabat, Il-Bahrija, Malta 

+356 9947 2098 , +356 9927 8471 Salvu Vella

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For more information about the products or services we offer, please use any of the contact details listed.

The Resin and Membrane Centre,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

264, Triq Il-Ferrovija, Santa Venera, Malta 

+356 2747 7647 , +356 9947 7647 Antoine Bonello
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With over three decades of building industry experience and using Naici products, The Resin and Membrane Centre ensures that every job is carried out effectively. With a solid reputation in Italy for its expertise in high quality everlasting products, Naici is a leader in resin flooring and waterproofing systems, swimming pool finishes, industrial cleaning products and a vast range of building materials.    We at The Resin and Membrane Centre are pleased to offer our clients a range of Naici products, in addition to attention from personnel who provide advice in choosing the right product to meet requirements – whether clients wish to apply it themselves or make use of in-house applicators.   A selection of easy-to-apply waterproofing systems are available, which are elastic, can withstand direct bonding of tiles, UV rays, are foot and vehicle traffic resistant, reduce building heat intake, are hassle-free and come with a 15-year guarantee.    The range of seamless resin floors is the perfect solution when strength and hygiene are required. Made from quartz sand, they have been tried and tested in a variety of locations.    The product range includes:    Professional thermal liquid resin membrane fibre that is reinforced and increases solar panels    intake.     Liquid resin fibre reinforced membranes for waterproofing roofs, balconies etc.    Root repellent liquid membranes for flowerbeds and foundation walls.     Resin liquid membranes for waterproofing of bathrooms.     Transparent and water repellent membrane for waterproofing of tiles.    Polyurethane expanding insulation foam.    Cements and resins for waterproofing of wells, swimming pools etc.    Tile adhesives, self-levelling concrete, quick dry cements, polymer sealers.    Stone treatments, stone consolidating spirits and treatments for waterproofing of walls.    Anti-mould products, treatments against raising humidity and Saltpetre.     Vapour barriers against raising damp.    Resin flooring and resin walls.    Epoxy and polyurethane paints.    Industrial and professional cleaning products.    Cleaning products for graffiti, paints, concrete mixers.    Fountains and swimming pool finishes.    Do-it-yourself products.   Visit Us on Facebook !

22/26 , Triq Dun Xand Cortis, Birkirkara, Malta BKR 1531

+356 2144 6449 , +356 7938 9389 Etienne Borg
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Andrew Vassallo General Trading,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

Triq Hal Tarxien, Il-Gudja, Malta GDJ 1905

+356 2169 2917 , +356 2166 0357 , +356 7959 1338 Andrew Vassallo

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For building finishes, Andrew Vassallo General Trading Ltd supply one of the most requested and reliable products for waterproofing: The Liquid Membrane. This comes in pails of 5kg, 10kg and 20kg, and in various colours such as Grey, White, Magnolia, Red and Blue. Rain Elastic Color E is a semi-trafficable sheath designed for waterproofing and protection of concrete surfaces, roofing that is made from asbestos cement, cement tiles, concrete terraces, restoration of old bituminous coatings, painting and waterproofing of cement facades, prefabricated panels, metal, iron surfaces and wood at a relatively low cost. Rain Elastic Color E is ready to use and is applied by means of brush or rollers.   We also supply Waterproofing osmotic cement; after it is applied it is suitable for drinking. Rain Base is a ready to use premixed dry powder compound designed for internal and external waterproofing treatments of cementations and concrete structures such as underground walls, slabs, basements, lift pits, swimming pools, basins, channels, manholes and tanks, tunnels affected by constant pressure generated by water under pressure. Rain Base is prepared by mixing a 25 kg sack of product with 6 liters of clean water to obtain a paste of slurry consistency. It should be applied by means of a natural fiber brush or a smooth spatula on clean, solid and pre-wetted supports.   We also offer a range of waterproofing membrane specially designed for bathrooms, terraces and roofs, such as roof drains, base fittings corners, leaf guards made from EPDM, TPE and polymeric bituminous membrane, sure to satisfy the client’s needs and requirements.   With our membrane accessories, clients may obtain an optimum result in waterproofing performance.   For further enquires please contact: Tel No. 00356 21692917 or 00356 79494438

T.N. Waterproofing,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

Cherry Blossom, Triq Lorenzo Manche', H' Attard, Malta 

+356 2137 3794 , +356 2148 4600 , +356 9949 5864 Simon Bugeja
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For more information about the products or services we offer, please use any of the contact details listed.

Unicorn Waterproofing,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

7, Triq Gheriexem, Ir-Rabat, Malta 

+356 2145 3663 , +356 9944 8011 Rose Rogers
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For all kinds of waterproofing services and liquid membrane: Free estimates; 10-year guarantee; Available 24-hrs for emergency services; Electrical, Plumbing; Plastering; etc. Unicorn enjoys 20 years experience in the field and has carried out very significant projects for illustrious clients including St John's Co-Cathedral and HSBC branches.

Curmi Construction ,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

'Antreas', Triq Pietru Saliba, Hal Luqa, Malta 

+356 2180 7458 , +356 9986 9306 , +356 9944 9820 Jonathan Curmi

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Curmi Construction offers construction works of all kinds, including pool installations and alterations, the demolition of buildings, the use of bulldozers and the transportation of materials. Contact Curmi Construction today for a quote.

Flock Image Co Ltd ,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

5, Triq Sir Luigi Preziosi, Il-Mosta, Malta MST 1521

+356 9957 2759 , +356 2157 3424 , +356 7745 9700 Sylvana Atkinson
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FLOCK IMAGE CO. LTD has been specialising in liquid waterproofing systems since starting out in 1996.  We have supplied and installed liquid membranes for many industrial and domestic projects including various blocks, planters and walkways at Tigne Point as well as Pender Gardens.  We supply and assist both contractors and DIY enthusiasts in the application of our products.Flock Image’s range of liquid membranes include:   Polyurethane- tar based liquids (AlasTomeriK EMB) Acrylic and waterbased membranes (Acrylflex RRC) Cementious membranes (Tamseal 10F) Fast curing methacralyte systems (Fast Set Membrane) Spray applied industrial waterproofing coatings for bridge decks , reserviours etc. As an independent company, Flock Image holds several licenses for a variety of materials. It is these very products, coupled with our unwavering dedication to our clients that have enabled us to build up an impressive portfolio of success stories. We do not just sell the products.  We offer comprehensive technical and practical backup that will ensure an application is successful on all levels.

Norob Installations ,Waterproofing in 	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

+356 7947 5940 , +356 9985 4838 Noel Spiteri
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Welcome to Norob Turnkey Installations, where all the best types of electrical installations and plumbing services are found. We carry out all kinds of building services including domestic, industrial and commercial installations, in both electrical, plumbing works and installation of resin flooring.   By providing a highly professional service in turnkey, here at Norob Turnkey Installations we ensure customer satisfaction and work efficiency. Our professional services include the essential works for any construction work - electrical and plumbing installations drain pipe laying, gypsum soffits, membrane and much, much more.   Our experience, efficiency, quality of work and value for money service will more than meet your needs.   Contact us for a free quotation.   We specialise in: · Turnkey contracting  · Plumbing and electrical works on all domestic, industrial and commercial work · Drain pipe works · Gypsum soffits · Membrane · Painting

AG Waterproofing Services,Waterproofing in Malta,		        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

2, Triq Tal-Habaq, Hal Luqa, Malta 

+356 9987 9221 Alex Grech
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We are an experienced waterproofing contractors and we have professionally trained and experienced staff members, ready to bring you the best possible service. Our team can find the source of water leakage quickly and effeciently – while doing this yourself can prove to be a demanding task in many respects. Many make this mistake – and they end up wasting time only to get an inferior result. When you a hire professional and experienced contractors for waterproofing like AG Waterproofing Services, you get to experience an array of advantages that will sort out your home or industrial and commercial buildings for good. For further information kindly visit our shop, situated in Luqa or call us on 99879221.

MR.LEE WATERPROOFING, Transparent Membrane for tiles,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

Triq Salvu Psaila, Birkirkara, Malta 

+356 7900 3333 , +356 7946 2380 Mr.Lee (Kenneth)
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With 20 years’ experience, Mr Lee Waterproofing guarantees to provide you with the best liquid membrane on the market, which can be applied in the winter or summer months. The membrane is ideal for waterproofing old and new roofs, shafts, wells, balconies and yards, as well as vertical walls prone humidty to adverse weather conditions, ensuring that they are all completely protected. We also provide transparent membrane for tiles. Call us for a free estimate. Vist our Facebook Page

Matuel Waterproofing & Insulation Systems,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

20A, Triq Dun Mikiel Xerri, Haz-Zebbug, Malta 

+356 2157 4251 , +356 9947 0044 Amabile Ciantar

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Matuel Ltd is a long established company within the waterproofing industry, with over 30 years of experience. Our expertise and professionalism are a guarantee of a quality service at competitive prices. Our main service lines include Water Proofing membrane, Liquid Membrane solutions and Thermal Insulation systems.

Tessera Ltd,Waterproofing in Malta,		        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

Tessera Ltd, Triq Il-Kanun, Santa Venera, Malta SVR9034

+356 +356 7963 Charles Mifsud

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Set up in 2013 Tessera has always strived to have the best products on the market. The policy is simple; good quality products for the best possible prices, keeping in mind that outstanding service is a necessity. Our team has always sought to partner up with top quality brands namely, Fischer and Neotex, with the aim of offering solution for every eventuality. 

Brian Waterproofing Membrane Services,Waterproofing in Malta,	        						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

Brian Waterproofing Membrane Services


Brian Waterproofing Membrane Services

16, Bianco Nera, Triq Il-Milwa, Hal Ghaxaq, Malta 

+356 9982 7510

 Brian Waterproofing specializes on work of waterproofing membrane and liquid membrane - 10 year warranty. Call for more information.

Neville Azzopardi ,Waterproofing in         						     Membrane, water proofing, waterproofing,,

Neville Azzopardi

Neville Azzopardi

+356 9987 3620

For more information about the products or services we offer, please use any of the contact details listed.

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