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Joseph Magri,Nutritionists in Malta,	        						     Nutritionists, nutritionist, nutrition, food, diet, health, diabetes, obesity,,

Beauty Point Wellness Center, Triq Misrah Il-Barrieri, L-Imsida, Malta 

+356 2122 8828 , +356 9922 2513 Joseph Magri BSc (Hons.); PgD (Nutr. &...

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Joseph has been specialising in weight management for over 10 years. He often argues that ‘weight maintenance is as important as weight loss’ and thus always tries to aim for long term results. He admits that trying to lose weight is not easy, but with the adequate help, healthy long term weight loss can be achieved. And he sees this happen on a daily basis!   Joseph Magri has a sound academic background, covering both medical science and nutrition. He is involved in research and he has pursued several studies. He gives lectures on several topics, and this keeps him abreast with any new clinical findings. He is a member of the nutrition committee within the state’s Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine. Joseph is also regularly consulted by various publications on issues related with nutrition.   He offers one to one individual consultations. He can assess your diet so as to devise a personalised program that best suit you. He is always available for his clients, and is never too busy to reply your queries. He can also confer with your doctor so as to coordinate diet with medical care.   Joseph has no commercial interest in any nutrition supplement or ‘food intolerance tests’ companies. As such he will not be selling you anything. His sole purpose is to help you improve yourself.   Joseph attends various clinics, and you can meet him were it is most convenient to you.

Mr. Geoffrey Axiak,Nutritionists in Malta,	        						     Nutritionists, nutritionist, nutrition, food, diet, health, diabetes, obesity,,

32, Triq Ix-Xitwa, Il-Mosta, Malta MST 4061

+356 9982 2288 Geoffrey Axiak
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Geoffrey Axiak is a Registered Nutritionist with vast experience in dealing with problems related to nutrition and clinical nutrition. His experience ranges from advising persons with dietary ailments, weight loss, food allergies, weight gain and obtaining and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.  He has guided people undertaking various sports and training regimes, carried out nutritional analyses with catering establishments for the purpose of menu classification and description. He has often led groups in relation to weight control and maintenance with knowledge gained from both his training as well as his professional experience. Mr. Axiak is a popular figure on the local media, taking part in various discussions on television, radio and by writing regular articles in local newspapers and magazines. He is a qualified peer reviewer who regularly reviews health-related courses. He himself delivers various lectures on topics related to nutrition and clinical nutrition, to qualified professionals, students of all ages and categories, as well as to the general public, both in formal settings and in various informal settings such health shops and supermarkets. He is particularly well known for his special interest in the area of food allergies. He also regularly organises lectures, courses, seminars and conferences on nutrition-related topics, presenting local as well as foreign international experts in the fields and attracting large audiences. Through hard work, his annual nutritional conference is becoming a must-attend event in this field.   He has also organised several courses on nutrition and applied nutrition for qualified professionals working in the health field. He has also presented various papers at conferences both in Malta and abroad and has attended various international conferences related to his work abroad. Mr. Axiak has often been involved in local national projects related to obesity, childhood obesity, nutritional screening and is now also being included in international surveys and studies with the World Health Organisation and other international entities.   Geoffrey Axiak is available by appointment everyday in the afternoons.   Geoffrey Axiak M.Sc. Nursing (Manchester), B.Sc. Nursing, P.G.Dip. Nutrition & Dietetics, Dip. Public management, Cert. Clinical Nutrition (Leeds)

Dr. Mario Caruana,Nutritionists in Malta,	        						     Nutritionists, nutritionist, nutrition, food, diet, health, diabetes, obesity,,

St. Helena Buildings remedies Clinic, Triq Tumas Fenech, Birkirkara, Malta 

+356 9999 0074 Mario Caruana

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Dr Caruana is passionate about food and the impact it has on people’s health. Unfortunately, there is so much conflicting messages about nutrition, that people feel confused on what exactly constitutes a healthy diet or how food can impact their medical condition. Many follow what they assume are healthy diets with the best intentions, only to unwittingly be causing health problems by eating foods that are harmful to them. Dr Caruana firmly believes that there are no good or bad foods but only good or bad diets! He also believes that the most effective way to change people’s diet is through a thorough assessment and individualized, easy-to-follow explanations rather than a meal plan/diet that fits all! This is particularly important when a medical condition is involved. My aim is to provide a starting point for making sensible food choices on science and not opinions.

Mariella Porter,Nutritionists in Malta,		        						     Nutritionists, nutritionist, nutrition, food, diet, health, diabetes, obesity,,

Triq Il-Gardell, Hal Ghaxaq, Malta 

+356 7933 4628 Mariella Porter

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Ms Porter is specialised in food elimination diets for allergies, intolerance or other dietary needs. She is a warranted Educator, has education very much at heart, and delivers talks and seminars on various nutrition and health topics.

Stefan Orsini Fitnes Trainer,Nutritionists in Malta,		        						     Nutritionists, nutritionist, nutrition, food, diet, health, diabetes, obesity,,

Marsaskala, Malta 

+356 7904 6996 Stefan Orsini


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 My goal is to bring to any person willing to change, an opportunity to regain their lost physique being over or under weight or their long gone vitality by giving one to one consultations on how to really live a Healthy Lifestyle and Science Based exercises that give results in few weeks with realistic achievements.    Diploma in Fitness Instruction & Personal Trainer, Diet & Nutrition Dip, Sport Nutrition Dip, Clinical Nutrition Dip.

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