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Segway Malta,Eco Transport in Malta,	        						     eco, transport, segway, eco transport, ecological, personal transport, zero,

Hard Rocks Industrial Park, Triq Burmarrad, In-Naxxar, Malta NXR 6345

+356 2099 8925 , +356 7947 7471
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You’ve been here before, but only in your imagination. You’re gliding on air, above the crowd with a clear view of everything ahead. At the same time, you’re with the crowd in perfect sync. No obstacles. No barriers. You find yourself traveling farther and seeing more. Go fast. Go slow. Go anywhere. This is how you envisioned travel sometime in the future. But this isn’t the transportation of tomorrow. It’s Segway, today. Segway was founded on a vision of eco-friendly, short-distance transportation alternatives. Our mission is simple: to give our customers a green, personal transportation experience that transforms the way people work, play, and live. We promise all Segway owners ease and efficiency, and they in turn integrate environmental consciousness into their daily routines.  

Malta Segway Tours,Eco Transport in Malta,		        						     eco, transport, segway, eco transport, ecological, personal transport, zero,

Triq L-Apparell, Had-Dingli, Malta 

+356 7940 3232 Adrian Fabri

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We’re a great bunch of people here at Malta Segway Tours, we’re all about good clean adventure and fun. We’re a team of 6, hard at work ensuring you guys have a hassle free experience with us. Our approach to the business is being unique and that was the catalyst that drove us to open Malta Segway Tours. The idea, or better yet epiphany to set up shop came to us around 10 years ago when we looked at the local tourist market and thought to ourselves “surely we can be different, offer something creative”, and that’s when we came up with Malta Segway Tours. The tour revolves around the idea of offering experience different to anything on the island. You can enjoy our cultural city centre or explore a part of the island long forgotten. So without further ado I introduce the people, the beacons of hope, the  team who keeps Malta Segway Tours rolling on.

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