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Erika Muscat Genovese - Educational Psychologist,Psychological Support Services in Malta,		        						     teens,

Triq In-Nadur, Marsaskala, Malta 

+356 7969 2183 Erika Muscat Genovese

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Erika Muscat Genovese is a registered educational psychologist and works as a full-time practitioner within the School Psychological Services (Directorate for student services). Erika was a member of the Statmenting Moderating Panel Board for the past two years. As an educational psychologist, Erika carries out psycho-educational assessments, literacy assessments, psycho-therapeutic...,Psychological Support Services in ,	        						     teens,

No one deserves to be stripped of their rights. is a project managed by SOS Malta. It is manned by a team of professionally trained operators ready to support you. The main goal is to offer one-to-one, online support to young persons and adolescents who are suffering from any form of social exclusion, abuse, neglect, and/or psychological difficulties...

Joseph Vella Baldacchino Dr MD, DSpecPsych, MMCFD,Psychological Support Services in Malta,		        						     teens,

Klinika San Guzepp, Pjazza Vittorja, In-Naxxar, Malta 

+356 9947 2071 Joseph Vella Baldacchino

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Dr Joseph Vella Baldacchino is a highly-qualified and renowned psychiatrist with expert knowledge in his field. He is more than competent in all areas of psychiatry and looks after his patients in a professional manner with the utmost care.   He specialises in effectively diagnosing and treating people with mental illness and has a deep understanding of how mental health can...

Chantelle Sciberras specialise on mental health issues and relationship issues. She offers therapy for children, youth and adults that are facing a difficult time. Also, she practices EMDR practitioner for those that need to heal from psychological trauma. Speaking to a counselor about current events or previous events of which have happened it can be of great benefit it helps reduce...

Denise Borg BA (Hons), MA(psych),Psychological Support Services in Malta,        						     teens,

Denise Borg BA (Hons), MA(psych)


Denise Borg BA (Hons), MA(psych)

109, Triq San Frangisk, Hal Balzan, Malta 

+356 9945 6144

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