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Gum Squad Malta ,Chewing Gum Removal  in Malta,	        						     Gum, Chewing gum, chew, removing gum, stick, ,

Triq Il-Mimosa, Tal-Pieta', Gwardamanga, Malta 

+356 7791 5504 , +356 7768 0026 Clint La Rosa
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Revolutionary portable solution for chewing gum removal.   A substantial amount of investment is happening around us, both in the private sector in establishments open and frequented by the general public, and by local central authorities in public places. Needless to say, every effort is done by one and all to keep these places clean. However, unfortunately, when chewing gum is not disposed of properly and is thrown on the floor and subsequently trodden on, then this material attaches itself and ends up collecting a lot of debris, making the area look unsightly. Dirt attracts dirt and hence it makes perfect sense to clean areas suffering from this situation, and then periodically up-keeping them.   Chewing gum removal is a major headache for local authorities, schools, universities, transport hubs and facilities managers. Before Gum Squad, the available high-pressure washing and steam solutions were expensive, bulky, noisy, disruptive, inefficient and not particularly environmentally friendly. But now there is a much better, more practical solution for chewing gum removal.   Gum Squad is the revolutionary new solution that is taking the cleaning world by storm! Here’s why: a. It’s lightweight, totally portable and amazingly efficient. b. It’s operated by one man without the need for generators, vehicles or trailing cables. c. It can be used outdoors on sidewalks, pavements and tarmac, or indoors on carpets. d. It’s safe, economical, quiet and environmentally friendly.   In seconds Gum Squad transforms unsightly gum into a powder that can be easily brushed away without damaging the underlying surface. All thanks to the unique sugar beet detergent and the Gum Squad lance.   The Gum Squad chewing gum removal system is already being used in the UK and around the world by local authorities, venues, transport hubs and contract cleaners.

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