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Tessera Ltd,Resin Flooring  in Malta,		        						     resin, resinflooring, floring, flooring, resin flooring, reins, resin,

Tessera Ltd, Triq Il-Kanun, Santa Venera, Malta SVR9034

+356 +356 7963 Charles Mifsud

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Set up in 2013 Tessera has always strived to have the best products on the market. The policy is simple; good quality products for the best possible prices, keeping in mind that outstanding service is a necessity. Our team has always sought to partner up with top quality brands namely, Fischer and Neotex, with the aim of offering solution for every eventuality. 

The Resin and Membrane Centre,Resin Flooring  in Malta,	        						     resin, resinflooring, floring, flooring, resin flooring, reins, resin,

264, Triq Il-Ferrovija, Santa Venera, Malta 

+356 2747 7647 , +356 9947 7647 Antoine Bonello
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With over three decades of building industry experience and using Naici products, The Resin and Membrane Centre ensures that every job is carried out effectively. With a solid reputation in Italy for its expertise in high quality everlasting products, Naici is a leader in resin flooring and waterproofing systems, swimming pool finishes, industrial cleaning products and a vast range of building materials.    We at The Resin and Membrane Centre are pleased to offer our clients a range of Naici products, in addition to attention from personnel who provide advice in choosing the right product to meet requirements – whether clients wish to apply it themselves or make use of in-house applicators.   A selection of easy-to-apply waterproofing systems are available, which are elastic, can withstand direct bonding of tiles, UV rays, are foot and vehicle traffic resistant, reduce building heat intake, are hassle-free and come with a 15-year guarantee.    The range of seamless resin floors is the perfect solution when strength and hygiene are required. Made from quartz sand, they have been tried and tested in a variety of locations.    The product range includes:    Professional thermal liquid resin membrane fibre that is reinforced and increases solar panels    intake.     Liquid resin fibre reinforced membranes for waterproofing roofs, balconies etc.    Root repellent liquid membranes for flowerbeds and foundation walls.     Resin liquid membranes for waterproofing of bathrooms.     Transparent and water repellent membrane for waterproofing of tiles.    Polyurethane expanding insulation foam.    Cements and resins for waterproofing of wells, swimming pools etc.    Tile adhesives, self-levelling concrete, quick dry cements, polymer sealers.    Stone treatments, stone consolidating spirits and treatments for waterproofing of walls.    Anti-mould products, treatments against raising humidity and Saltpetre.     Vapour barriers against raising damp.    Resin flooring and resin walls.    Epoxy and polyurethane paints.    Industrial and professional cleaning products.    Cleaning products for graffiti, paints, concrete mixers.    Fountains and swimming pool finishes.    Do-it-yourself products.   Visit Us on Facebook !

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