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Stanislaus,Drainage Technicians in Malta,		        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

Pantanal, Triq Ir-Rihan, Haz-Zabbar, Malta 

+356 9987 5781 Stanislaus Agius
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Stan Agius launched his family-run company in 2004, specialising in a niche sector relating to drainage and sewage. The company is not only involved in solving emergency problems such as clearing blocked drains, but also cleaning filthy wells, installing new drainage or sewage systems and maintaining existing ones in their pristine conditions.   In a short space of time the company has managed to build its own reputation in a very positive way, so that today it works not only with domestic drainage and sewage problems, but also within the very demanding industrial and commercial sectors.   Whenever tackling a project, it is company policy to ensure that clients are informed of the options that need to be considered and all possible expenses that may be involved. Once the job is done, thorough testing is carried out to ensure containment and smooth flow of water or sewage. Inspections and all works are done utilizing the safest products and the newest technology systems available in Malta.   The company offers a diverse range of services relating to drainage services. Apart from installation, cleaning, and maintenance of new or existing drainage systems, and other related services, the company also offers a list of other services.   Installation of CCTV system, jetty/suction bowser use, or use of cleaning liquids can all be provided by Stan Agius and his team. Be it in a domestic, commercial, or industrial setting, the company’s reputation for reliability and professionalism will be extended onto your project.    With a full after sales service provided and emergency response as well, working with Stan Agius is working with quality. Contact the company now for a free quote and consultation.

Environmental Recycling Services Co Ltd,Drainage Technicians in Malta,	        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

Blue Jay , Triq Il-Port Hieles , Birzebbuga, Malta 

+356 2165 2231 Charlotte Mangion
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For cleaning of all water culverts, drainage pipes, emptying of cesspits and wells, cleaning and emptying of grease traps as well as repairs. With our new CCTV inspection system we can inspect drainage pipes and pinpoint the problem accurately, quickly and with minimum disruption.  Having located the cause, the necessary work may then be carried out, guaranteeing a rapid return to fully efficient waste disposal with no disruption to your home, hotel or business premises. We collect any type of waste.   Environmental Recycling Services Co Ltd is a former company of General Ecological Services Co Ltd.

JWT Caruana,Drainage Technicians in Malta,	        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

Caruana Farm, Triq It-Tnax Ta' Mejju, Haz-Zebbug, Malta 

+356 9946 0050 Josef Caruana
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Josef Water Drainage Works is one of the leading water drainage companies in Malta. Our company is equipped with the latest technology and all bowsers are in stainless steel for hygiene purposes. Our service is available all year round, including Sundays and public holidays. We cater for domestic and industrial purposes, and assist many hotels, factories, ships etc. We also supply water for pools and 1st class water to many establishments.

Anuges Drainage Works,Drainage Technicians in Malta,		        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

46 Dielja Sewda, Triq Il-Missjoni Taljana, Il-Kalkara, Malta 

+356 2166 6078 Seguna Natalie
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Complete drainage solutions for your property with a full 24 hours emergency service. We offer repairs and opening of blocked sewers and gullies,  emptying, fixing and cleanign of wells.

Salvu Fenech Ta' Spekna Ltd ,Drainage Technicians in Malta,	        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

39 Sisken, Triq Raddet Ir-Roti, Il-Mosta, Malta 

, +356 7986 1403 , +356 9943 9474 Carmel Fenech
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Salvu Fenech Ta’ Spekna Ltd offers drainage services, including drainage connections. Specialising in trenching works for all kinds of water and electricity house connections.

+356 2146 3443 , +356 7949 3145 Nicholas Farrugia

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Ganaja, based in Siggiewi, is a successful drainage company that specializes in drain inspection and new drain connections. It makes use of innovative technology in the form of a CCTV inspection system. This technology is used to efficiently and quickly pinpoint the customers’ drainage problems without causing unnecessary external damage whilst conducting the initial inspection. Once the problem has been established, the needed work can be carried out.   The CCTV system is suitable for use in drains, sewers and many more situations that include confined spaces and unsafe structures. Contact Ganaja if you are after an efficient solution to your drainage problem.

Casa Raylen , Triq Villabate, Haz-Zabbar, Malta 

+356 9922 7183 Stephen Tonna

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With 14 years’ experience, Stephen Tonna Earth Moving Service offers you prompt and reliable service.   Our services include: trenching, excavation works, pipe laying, demolition, drainage connections (including government permits), jackhammer services, emergency services and CCTV inspection.   Contact us if you want a professional job carried out by a skilled expert in the field.

Id-Daddu Drainage Services,Drainage Technicians in ,	        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

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Id-Daddu Drainage Services specialises in the opening and installation of drainage systems and pipelines, carrying out drain inspections and maintenance on pipes and inspection boxes using a drainage camera, cleaning out drains using high-pressure jets, and even offers the service of clearing out properties.

RC Skips ,Drainage Technicians in Malta,	        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

+356 9942 7047 , +356 9944 1957 , +356 9945 8695 Raymond Calleja

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For more information about the products or services we offer, please use any of the contact details listed.

Alfred Attard Excavation ,Drainage Technicians in Malta,	        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

15,, Triq Vincenzo Adrario, Haz-Zebbug, Malta 

+356 2146 0004 , +356 9944 4514
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If you are in need of drainage works, including connections and excavation work, contact Alfred Attard today! Specialising in core drilling, drainage connections, excavation works and trenching,  Alfred Attard is sure to carry out satisfactory work.

EJ Mangion,Drainage Technicians in Malta,	        						     blocked drains, blocked drainage, toilet, toilets,

No. 5, Rivendell , Triq Wata, Il-Mosta, Malta MST 3661

+356 9949 9373 , +356 7992 7057 Jason Mangion

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Established over 60 years ago, EJ Mangion has grown to become a leader in Liquid Waste Services, building up a reputation for reliability and commitment towards our clients.   Available to all your requirements, on any day, our vehicles outfitted with the latest equipment can efficiently provide and assist for any type of Liquid Waste: Domestic, Industrial, Catering establishments, Hotels, Factories, Ships and Greasetraps, at a reasonable price.Equipped to enter into enclosed spaces with limited air movement.   We specialize in Hazardous Pharmaceutical Liquid Waste. Good quality fresh Water for Pools, Wells and all your needs is also supplied by our Water Bowser. We also do CCTV pipe inspections.

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