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Kid's Haven,Nursery in Malta,	        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

Sqaq Tomna, San Gwann, Malta 

+356 2137 8587 , +356 7905 1828 Sandra Calleja

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At Kid’s Haven, children come to have fun and learn through play. Here children learn to be independent and learn everyday skills in a loving and friendly atmosphere. We care for children between 0 to 3 years, and during school holidays till the age of 5, we also offer an after school service. Premises are appropriately equipped and all staff is qualified in child care and first aid. Activities held include: singing, story- telling, painting, collage, play dough, cooking, sand and water play and much more. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 7.00am – 5.00pm. Phone: 21378587 or e-mail:

Pyramid Childcare Centre,Nursery in Malta,		        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

55, Triq Censu Decandia, Hal Luqa, Malta 

+356 7703 7232 Fiona Bugeja

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At Pyramid Childcare Centre we provide the highest of quality in childcare. The resources in the childcare centre - our building, toys and equipment are specifically designed to provide the best possible care for each child in a safe and loving environment. We will constantly re-evaluate our services to make sure we offer parents and children a standard of childcare that is second to none, giving the parent/ guardian the comfort of knowing that there are policies and procedures in place to protect the child while they are in our care. For our centre, this professionalism goes hand in hand with a caring approach that ensures a warm loving, 'home-from-home' environment, where each child is treated with respect and is valued as an individual, as we help them on their journey of growing up through playing and learning whilst having fun.

St. Paula Nursery & Kindergarten ,Nursery in Malta,	        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

Eduk Services, c/o St. Dorothy’s School,, Triq L-Imdina, Haz-Zebbug, Malta ZBG 9013

+356 2146 7182 , +356 2146 7153 , +356 9989 8185 Thelma Gera
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St.Paula Early Education Centre is located on the grounds of St. Dorothy’s School in Zebbug. St.Paula offers care and education for young children under the age of 5, throughout the whole year. St.Paula started its operation in 2005 offering early education of the highest quality to children between 1 and 5 years of age. The Centre was set up to provide the community with the security of knowing that children attending our Centre are treated with the utmost respect and are cared for in a highly secure, happy and stimulating environment.   At St. Paula we offer our services from October to June, excluding weekends and school holidays. Daily working hours are from 8.00am to 1.00pm, extra hours on request till 2.00pm or 3.00pm are also offered at an extra charge. We also offer a summer club for children who are either attending our Center or will be starting the following October.   At St.Paula Early Education Centre you will find a key worker system in place. The class teacher/carer will be responsible for your child throughout the whole year. This allows both families and staff to develop a strong, mutual bond regarding the well-being of the child and allows the child to feel secure in the knowledge that their special person is there for them when they need them.   The nursery also has a designated Special educational needs coordinator, supporting children, families and their key workers to ensure children who may have additional needs are receiving suitable support.   Kinder 1 & 2 classes are also offered, where children are grouped by age and activities are designed to encourage them to explore all areas of the pre-school curriculum and prepare them for their future schooling. The curriculum is broadly based and encourages a wide range of interests and subjects which are integrated and child-centred.    If you would like to visit our Centre just phone us and we will be more than happy to make an appointment. After your visit you can fill in a registration form and pay the registration fee. By doing so you will register your child’s place at the nursery, or enter them on our waiting list if at that time the Centre is full.

San Anton School,Nursery in Malta,		        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

L-Imselliet, L-Imgarr, Malta MGR 2850

+356 2158 1907 , +356 2158 1909 Maria Pia Galea
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The Day-Care Centre creates a warm and safe environment for all toddlers and infants. The children are well cared for by qualified staff. who attend to the child’s basic needs of feeding, nappy changing and toilet-training. Age-appropriate activities, stimulate the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of each child.   Children enjoy a very spacious and airy area with a wooden floor, equipped with a kitchenette, a nappy changing area and a resting area. Two bathrooms with low toilets are ensuite.   A large adjacent indoor area provides a space where children can experience sand and water play and other activities.   The outdoor area comprises a large open space with rubber surfacing throughout, with play equipment and a shady picnic area.  

Wiggles n' Wriggles Childcare centre,Nursery in Malta,		        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

137, Triq Ponsonby, Il-Mosta, Malta 

+356 2143 8664 Pia Darmanin

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 A Childcare Centre catering for children 0-3 years. Ensures a stimulating learning environment & holistic development. Promotes creativity & independence.

The Nursery School - Child Day Care Club,Nursery in Malta,		        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

Triq San Albert, Il-Gzira, Malta 

+356 2741 8545

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At The Nursery School, we provide quality service and dedicated care to our little ones. We don't believe in taking shortcuts. We prepare daily activities that are intended to stimulate children's interest and abilities.  Our activities change with each season or special occasions. We love doing a job that puts a smile on your face That's why we are on a mission to serve up great atmosphere every single day - The Nursery School way    Slide your kids into a World of Fun and Education !

San Andrea School,Nursery in Malta,		        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

San Andrea School, L-Imselliet Zebbiegh, L-Imgarr, Malta MGR 2850

+356 2143 8800

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San Andrea School is situated in the heart of the Maltese countryside at L-Imselliet (between Mosta and Mgarr). This is an ideal location which is easily accessible while providing a safe and healthy environment for the children. The school consists of three purpose built buildings - Early School, Middle School and Senior School - with an area providing sports facilities, as well as a Multipurpose Hall for theatrical events and sporting activities.   During their time in the Early School the children are not merely getting a glimpse of learning, but vital foundations for life-long learning are being laid. Learning at this stage has to be highly experiential, so 'doing' allows for more learning to take place. Within our school, emphasis is placed on creative and self-directed learning and on the development of various personal and social skills. Our aim is to ensure that their love of learning is nurtured so that the children achieve their full potential.   Middle School serves the needs of children between the ages of 7 and 11 before they enter Senior School for the final phase of their compulsory education. Here, the children are prepared for the different subjects that they will take up at Senior School level. They are given subject teachers for certain areas so that they will start to learn to adapt to different subject areas, and to different individual teachers.   The Senior School is built around a number of departments, namely the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Mathematics, Humanities (History, Geography, Environmental Studies, Religious Studies, Accounts, Economics, PSHE), Languages (Maltese, English, Italian and French), ICT and Technology, Practical Subjects (Physical Education, Drama, Art & Home Economics). These departments serve the need of students between the ages of 11 and 16.

Newark Nursery & Kindergarten,Nursery in Malta,	        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

Triq Parisio, Tas-Sliema, Malta SLM 1982

+356 2131 3121 , +356 9944 1862 Lorraine Camilleri

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Newark Kindergarten and Nursery is an exclusive preschool and childcare founded in 2010. We are dedicated to treating our children as individuals to help prepare them for the new experiences ahead of them.    It provides a smooth, sunny introduction to real school, setting the stage for further education. We provide opportunities to learn, practice social, emotional and problem-solving skills, development of esteem, co operation, pre-language and literacy skills and hands-on, hearts-on activities. This is done in a family-friendly environment which is also warm, safe, happy, stimulating and has a realistic adult/child ratio. Other services include open all day, all the year round for working parents, flexible hours and babysitting at night.    Kindergarten is a time for sparking and directing children’s curiosity and natural love of learning whilst learning how to express themselves. We are confident that we will be able to prove to you why Newark is the right choice for you and your child, but don’t just take our word for it, arrange a visit to take a look around.      Mission Statement, “To instil in children the love for life and the self-confidence to be always able to follow their life compass”.

Active Learning Childcare Centre,Nursery in Malta,		        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

97, Triq It-Torri, L-Imsida, Is-Swatar, Malta 

+356 7711 8235 Elania Azzopardi

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 Exclusive childcare services. Our aim is to enhance early child development through an explore and learn through play approach tailored towards unique individuals. We provide an exceptional place to learn and grow in a safe, secure environment.

Rockababy Malta,Nursery in Malta,		        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

Flat 5, 6b, Triq Pietro Rossel, Pembroke, Malta PBK 1561

+356 7928 5944 Marie Claire Portelli

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Rockababy is the importer of the bloom baby furniture in Malta. bloom furniture is designed for the modern family and home. Bloom highchairs are made to grow with baby, bringing them to the table from newborn age well into childhood. Bloom chairs offer innovative design solutions with adjustable heights and multi-functional capabilities.   For more information contact us on 99762529 or and visit

My Nametags,Nursery in 	        						     Child-care Services, chidlren, kindergarten, play-school, infant school, Play,

My Nametags, , London, SW18 1FZ
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My Nametags are a provider of high quality personalised name labels for children’s items which are perfect for use in nurseries.   We offer both colour sticker and colour iron-on labels. Our colour iron-ons for clothing and can be applied in less than 15 seconds. They come with a 10-year washing guarantee and will remain in place up to 60°C. The colour sticker name labels can be placed on almost any item or on the care labels inside clothing. They will stay in perfect condition in the dishwasher or even inside shoes.    You can find out more information about our colour sticker nametags here:   For more on our colour iron-on labels, please see here:

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