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Motoring in Malta and Gozo


Travelling in style and comfort is important. Especially with the amount of tyime we spend in traffic. Findit let's you find the best auto dealers, and anything else to do with your motor, from car insurance to a service centre and from car tyres to sprayers.

Cars for Sale in Malta and Gozo

Most popular car brands are available in Malta. The real question is whether you want a new or used vehicle. Agents for new cars normally represent one or a number of brands. These normally offer a warranty, as well as full service and parts centres. Used car dealers are also an option. There are three options when buying a used vehicle in Malta; you can either buy a local used car, or obe imported from the UK or Japan.

When buying a used car in Malta, make sure that you are buying from a reputable dealer. Ask around, and take your mechanic or some who knows cars to check it out for you before you purchase.

When using findit to search for your dealer you cans erach by name, brand (eg Toyota, Ford, Honda, KIA etc). There are more and less popular brands and models of vehicles in Malta. You can find an auto dealer which sells all Japanese cars, or Toyota exclusively. Depending on what you are looking for, you can filter your results accordingly.

Some delaers will also offer to imprt the model, coliur and finish you want on your used motor if they do not have in stock.

Other motor Services

You have your new car. Congrats.

But that car needs a lot of love to be on the road. First and foremost you need to get you car insured. There are a number of insurance companies who offer different pricing, and services. Again. Shop around.

However it does not stop there. Your car needs love and care. A good service centre who you trust is amust if you want your car to remain in top notch condition. You wouldn't want to stop int he middle of Marsa on a rainy day, would you?

Panel beaters, spare parts, sprayers, accessories. Findit covers them all.

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