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Aim for The Perfect Team Building Activity With Archery in Malta

26 September, 2023 | Alex Teoli

What do kayaking and yoga have in common with archery I hear yourself ask? Well, you can now practise either one of these activities alongside the classic bow and arrow. Intrigued? You should be!


Archery in Malta (AIM) have teamed up with ‘off the mat yoga’ and ‘Get Out and Kayak' to create the perfect team building experience! The brainchild behind this idea is none other than Ray Napier, the founder of Archery in Malta. Hailing from Scotland, Ray is an archery addict and outdoor aficionado determined to offer enthusiasts a new perspective on this ancient pastime.


This fresh take is by no means intended to eclipse the sport’s traditional core. Quite the contrary, his aim is to draw more individuals to the core essence of the sport, celebrating its long-standing traditions while introducing fresh ways to engage.

Kayaking meets Archery: Battleships Edition

Having successfully merged kayaking and archery with target practice, Archery in Malta, along with 'Get out and Kayak' are now introducing a real-life version of the board game battleships, manifested as tag archery!


Teamwork here is key as people are put into two-seater kayaks where one teammate steers the kayak while the other aims to defend and “sink opponents”. And yes, the arrows float!

Yoga and Archery: Harmonizing Movement

At first glance, yoga and archery might seem worlds apart. However, both emphasise fluidity, concentration, and controlled movement.


The breath-to-action sync in yoga echoes in the draw and release of an arrow. The experts at ‘off the mat - Yoga + Movement’ along with AIM instructors will be with you every step of the way.

It's a synergy of mind, body, and spirit! Archery in Malta are currently holding weekly classes, click the link to find out more and try something new!

Traditional Touchpoints

As mentioned earlier, for those looking for a more classic form of archery, their range in Kappara, San Gwann provides sessions like classic target practice and the thrilling tag archery. For a step towards the modern era, they also offer Crossbow shooting. For those yearning for a touch of yesteryears, or simply wanting to hone their skills, there's something for everyone.

Its core team, led by Ray alongside respected instructors Lawrence Kruger Pulis, Tony Galea & Johan Poell, are united in their passion for this fantastic passtime. Their goal is to ensure participants depart as more skilled archers.

For them, it is their firm belief that engaging in these activities not only strengthens skills but also fosters camaraderie, collaboration, and trust among participants.
With its roots anchored in tradition and branches exploring modernity, Archery in Malta invites all to experience the timeless thrill of the bow and arrow, whether you’re a seasoned archer or a keen novice.

Looking to invigorate your team-building events or just experience a unique adventure? Find them on Facebook for upcoming events or give them a call on 79916932 to find out how you can get involved!

Lower Fields, Triq Wied Ghollieqa, San Gwann, Malta  SGN 4437

+356 7991 6932

Nestled in the heart of San Gwann, Archery in Malta (AIM) was founded in May 2019 out of a desire to offer a dedicated space for regular shooting. More than just an archery range, AIM represe...

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