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Clique: Malta's Home For Underground Dance Music

29 September, 2023 | Alex Teoli

When something clicks, there’s a kind of magical synchronization that happens - a moment where everything seamlessly falls into place.


All the cogs and gears have aligned and are working together in rhythmic harmony.


In essence, this is Clique - a place where lovers of underground music scene get together to dance, vibe, unwind and destress in a kind of collective escapism. 

Unparalleled Sound System

Nestled within the beating heart of Paceville’s vibrant club scene, Clique has long been lauded for having one of the best sound systems on the island, taking auditory immersion to a whole new level!


As you enter and make your way down the stairs, the usually cramped spaces of Paceville’s nightclubs give way to a surprising spaciousness, providing ample room to bust out a move on the dancefloor and just vibe to the music.


In fact, its underground scene and open space further amplifies the noise within where every bass drop is intensified!

Stellar DJ Lineup

Naturally, a top-tier sound system demands an equally impressive lineup to do it justice.


At Clique, this means a regular roster of top-notch live DJs who are always ready to bring in something new and unique to the decks.

Atmosphere & Authenticity

The great thing about Clique is its unabashed authenticity. There's no pretense here; it's a place that knows its heart and beats proudly to its rhythm. Attendees come to escape the everyday routine and let loose.


It doesn’t care about the glitz and the glam but rather providing a space where music lovers can genuinely connect with the sound and each other. It's straightforward, genuine, and all about the vibe!

Stay Updated

For the curious souls and regulars alike, Clique’s Facebook page brims with updates on upcoming events. A new rhythm, a novel experience, always awaits discovery. Enjoy!

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