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Top FIVE Reasons to Choose Castrol Motor Oil: The Time-Tested Elixir for Engines

10 October, 2023 | Alex Teoli

From relatively humble beginnings, focusing on steam engines and heavy machinery at the close of the 19th century, today Castrol has become a global powerhouse in lubrication technology and engineering for a multitude of industries. It shines particularly bright in the automotive realm where they are renowned for producing premium quality motor oils that enhance performance and extend engine life.

Much like Castrol, Coleiro Group came from a modest background to ….! Founded by the late Paul Coleiro, he laid the groundwork for what would eventually become Coleiro Group, spreading its wings across multiple sectors while staying true to its automotive origins.

These similarities between Coleiro and Castrol highlight a fitting collaboration between the two with Coleiro proudly announcing its exclusive partnership with Castrol! As such, they are now the sole agent and distributor for Castrol's distinguished products in Malta, catering to both the automotive and marine domains.

With that being said, here are five reasons why people keep coming back to Castrol over competing brands.

1. Environmentally Conscious

It’s impossible to overlook the environmental implications of our choices. Recognising this, Castrol has pioneered eco-friendly solutions, creating carbon-neutral lubricants and advanced eco-engine oils like the "Castrol EDGE BIO-SYNTHETIC" and "Castrol MAGNATEC BIO-SYNTHETIC’.

These products make use of renewable plant-based oils, leading to a reduced carbon footprint. 

2. Vast Product Range

Castrol offers an extensive range of oils and lubricants, catering to diverse needs. From their premium Castrol EDGE series for maximum performance to the Castrol MAGNATEC line known for its protection during the critical warm-up stage, there's a product for every requirement.

3. e-Fluids for Electric Vehicles

Recognizing the shift towards electric vehicles, Castrol has developed dedicated e-fluids to cater to the unique requirements of EV transmissions, ensuring efficient operation and reduced energy consumption.

4. Tailored Excellence

Every vehicle is unique, and so are its lubrication needs. Recognizing this, Castrol produces a diverse range of motor oils, including the famed Classic oil grades.

Crafted to precise formulations and viscosities, these oils integrate the latest technology, ensuring optimal performance across all vehicle types.

5. Global Recognition and Reach

Castrol’s influence isn't just limited to a specific region; it's global. Whether it's the bustling streets of London or the expansive highways of Asia and of course in Malta, Castrol's presence is undeniable. This widespread trust has also fostered collaborations with major automakers who often recommend Castrol by name.

For more information on Castrol Lubricants and what would be best suited for your vehicle, get in touch with Coleiro Group today on 2148 3131/2149 1880.

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