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Beat the Dry Spell: Laflafett's Solutions for Thriving Gardens and Farms in Malta

2 November, 2023 | Alex Teoli

You don’t have to be a weather forecaster to realise that the Maltese islands have been suffering from a particularly bad dry spell. In fact, October was the driest it’s been for 101 years with a measly 0.02mm of rainfall.


With water conservation becoming increasingly critical, both seasoned farmers and dedicated garden hobbyists are seeking innovative solutions to keep their plants thriving amidst these less than ideal conditions in a quick and cost effective manner.


With years of experience in the field, Laflafett has a range of horticulture products to help combat this dry spell.

Laflafett: Your Partner in the Battle Against Drought

As a family-owned business founded by brothers John and Richard, Laflafett brings four generations of farming experience to the table.


Their deep-rooted knowledge has given them a unique perspective – they understand that not everyone has a green thumb, and many may struggle with cultivating gardens and crops in dry conditions.


Laflafett's dedication to both experienced farmers and beginners is evident in their commitment to offering the latest and most advanced horticultural products.

Efficient Irrigation Solutions

One of the primary challenges during dry spells is ensuring your plants get the water they need. Laflafett's comprehensive range of irrigation products, including irrigation pipes, sprinklers, misters, and tape drips, offers an efficient and water-saving solution.


These products not only reduce water wastage but also ensure your plants receive the right amount of hydration, promoting healthy growth even in arid conditions.

Pest Control and Soil Health

Dry weather can exacerbate pest problems and stress your plants, making pest control and soil health crucial. Laflafett provides a diverse range of biopesticides, germicides, insecticides, and spraying equipment to help protect your garden or farm.


Furthermore, their offerings of bumblebees, beneficial insects, and nematodes contribute to a balanced ecosystem, enhancing soil quality and nutrient content.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

In addition to their innovative horticultural products, Laflafett encourages sustainable gardening practices. Mulching and water-efficient plant selection are promoted to conserve water, making the most of available resources. Laflafett's eco-friendly products, such as vermiculite and perlite, align perfectly with these environmentally responsible gardening practices.

Laflafett's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their on-site technical assistance and after-sales service. They understand that setting up your greenhouse, irrigation pipes, and other equipment can be daunting, and they're here to support you every step of the way.

Whether you're an experienced farmer or a passionate hobbyist, Laflafett offers everything you need to thrive in the face of dry conditions. From compost and peat to seeds and soft fruit plants, their range covers it all. With their greenhouse structures and photovoltaic sheds, you can cultivate your garden or farm year-round.

Don't let dry spells hinder your gardening dreams. Contact Laflafett today at 2157 4758 and start growing a flourishing oasis in the midst of Malta's arid months. Beat the dry spell and discover the magic of Laflafett's horticultural solutions. Your garden and farm will thank you!

St Joseph House , Bingemma, L-Imgarr, Malta  MGR 2601

+356 2157 4758

Laflafett Co Ltd is an agricultural company based in Malta. Established in 1995, the company seeks the best raw materials for cultivation being it in soil or soiless. Hereunder, you will find o...

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