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Uniquely Yours: Custom Made Awards with Invent 3D Printing

14 November, 2023 | Alex Teoli

While some may dismiss it as merely ceremonial, the profound impact an award can have on an individual or team cannot be underestimated.

If done and presented in the right way, an award is more than just a token of appreciation. It’s a tangible acknowledgement of dedication, prowess and effort shown throughout the year!

And as the corporate world braces for the upcoming award season, there's a growing desire among businesses to celebrate their employees' achievements in unique ways.

Enter 3D Printing! Thanks to the latest advancements in 3D printing technology, businesses now have the opportunity to commission bespoke awards with the help of companies such as Invent3d.

Creative Freedom

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf trophies, 3D-printed awards offer you that creative edge as they can be designed from the ground up, enabling companies to get creative!


From the weighty recognition of 'Salesperson of the Year' to light-hearted accolades echoing 'The Dundies' from The Office US TV series, companies can craft trophies that not only stand out but also convey heartfelt appreciation for every achievement. It's not just about crafting an award; it's about creating a memory!

From Concept to Creation: A Collaborative Journey

The team at Invent 3D is more than just a service provider; they're your collaborators in bringing your vision to life. They will work closely with you on every aspect, from the award's design to budget considerations and meeting the deadline.


This collaborative approach ensures that your custom award not only captures attention but also deeply resonates with its recipient.

Sustainability & Affordability

With a growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices, many 3D printing processes use sustainable materials and Invent 3D is no different. This means companies can honour their employees while also caring for the planet.


One might assume that customization comes at a steep price. However, 3D printing can often be more economical in producing unique designs with prices starting as low as €10!


In the corporate world, award ceremonies aren't just about the glitz—they play a pivotal role in boosting morale and fostering camaraderie. And let’s be honest, we all just want to be acknowledged from time to time, to feel valued!

With 3D printing and the expertise of Invent 3D, businesses can elevate these moments into lasting memories. Ready to make your next recognition unforgettable? Explore the possibilities with Invent 3D's services today and give them a call at 9922 4425.

Invent 3D, Mriehel By Pass, Hal Qormi, Malta  

+356 99224425

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