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Preserving Maltese Culinary Heritage: Ta’ L-Ingliz Restaurant

22 February, 2024 | Alex Teoli

Coming up to their 20th anniversary since they first opened its doors, Ta’ L-ingliz Bar and Restaurant is a family run business that prides itself in creating great tasting Maltese food that will give even your Nanna a run for her money!

Celebrating Maltese Culture with Food & Wine

Located in the heart of Mgarr right across from the parish church, Ta’ L-Ingliz embodies the essence of tradition, celebrating Maltese culture with every dish! This commitment to preserving this side of Maltese identity, celebrating it with locals and being able to share it with foreigners is a privilege that they hold dear to their hearts.

This idea of tradition is reflected in its interior with its Limestone walls adorned with several old antique Maltese artefacts and images. This is then complimented with its wooden furnishings that complete the rustic look to give it this old world charm. Speaking of old, the building itself is over 200 years old and has been used as a restaurant for over 70 years with Ta’ L-ingliz continuing the mantle by taking over in 2004.

Truth be told, Ta’ L-Ingliz stands as one of the few remaining culinary gems in Malta that has remained untouched. While other restaurants grow and add more space, Ta’ L-Ingliz maintains a modest capacity of 40 people, contributing to its cozy and intimate atmosphere. This deliberate decision ensures that their kitchen can focus on delivering the best and freshest food possible to its patrons.


It’s no good talking about a restaurant without going into detail about the food they offer!Specialising in Maltese cuisine and Mediterranean style food, they have everything you would expect to see such as pasta and pizza dishes with a wide selection of Mediterranean wines.

And what's an authentic Maltese restaurant without serving the national dish of Fenkata? This hearty dish, traditionally made with rabbit, is slow-cooked in a rich tomato-based sauce with aromatic herbs and spices, resulting in a mouthwatering and savoury delight.

Their menu also showcases other Maltese staples such as horse meat, snails dressed in flavorful spices and herbs, succulent quail, and much more. They take pride in offering a true taste of Malta's culinary heritage.

They also cater to people with dietary restrictions and or specific food requirements provided they are informed beforehand. Their menu features an array of other homemade delights, including traditional dips like bigilla and arjoli, as well as Maltese platters adorned with homemade sun-dried tomatoes, cheeselets, pickled onions, and more, all offered complimentary to every guest prior to their meal.

Don't miss your chance to experience Ta’ L-Ingliz Restaurant. Book now to secure your table and avoid disappointment. Call them at 2157 4605 to reserve your spot!

59, Triq Il-Kbira, L-Imgarr, Malta  

+356 2157 4605

Ta’ L-Ingliz Restaurant is a ‘local restaurant' run by Godwin & family, serving exceptional Maltese cuisine.  Godwin is the person in charge of all the cooking that goe...

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