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Revitalize Your Look: Spring's Hottest Beauty Treatments by Pamelash

2 May, 2024 | Alex Teoli

Spring is a time for renewal and as the weather warms and flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to dust off those winter blues and spring into the new season with confidence!

According to Pamela Michaux, a renowned beauty technician and one of a select few in the world trained by Misencil, she believes that the emphasis should be on enhancing what you already have! “Nothing beats the confidence gained from a natural look”, she says.

From her salon in Sliema, her team of fully qualified beauty technicians specialise in lash extensions, lash lifts, semi-permanent makeup, tattoo removal, microneedling and chemical peels to name but a few. With a keen appreciation for soft and subtle makeup aesthetics, she empathises with the longing for a renewed appearance free from heavy makeup dependency.

With that being said, she gave her top beauty treatments for this Spring designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace the season ahead.

Botulash Lift + Tint

Experience the best of both worlds with the Botulash Lift & Tint!

This groundbreaking treatment combines the benefits of a lash lift with the Botulash solution by Misencil! This results in a lifted, curled, and revitalised lashes, for a refreshed and youthful look around the eyes.

This, combined with the tint provides a semi-permanent solution for fuller, natural lashes for a more overall defined look. Plus, say goodbye to smudging and the need for mascara with this semi-permanent solution.

Microneedling Hands + Peel

Renew your skin's vitality with the Microneedling Hands + Peel treatment, a dynamic duo for comprehensive rejuvenation.

Microneedling addresses various skin concerns, while the peel amplifies results for a smoother, more youthful complexion. Experience the magic of spring with revitalised hands and radiant skin.

Brow & Lash Tint

Discover the combined benefits of Brow & Lash Tint, offering quick and long-lasting results. In just 15 minutes, your brows and lashes are beautifully enhanced with custom-tailored tints, complementing your natural hue.

This affordable treatment simplifies your beauty routine, allowing you to embrace the season with confidence.

Eyelash Extension - Natural Look Express

Perfect for those on-the-go, this treatment creates a natural and defined look that can last up to three weeks, ensuring a hassle-free enhancement that aligns with your springtime schedule.

So, ready to revitalise your look? For consultations and bookings, click here or give them a call on 9999 7766.

Why wait? Discover what Pamelash can do for you!

25A, Triq Il-Kbira, Tas-Sliema, Malta  

+356 9999 7766

Introducing Pamelash, a premier beauty salon founded by Pamela, blending French and Congolese heritage to celebrate diversity in beauty. With expertise spanning lash extensions, lifts, semi-pe...

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