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Innovations in Safety: SSL Scaffolding's Blueprint for Success

18 May, 2024 | Alex Teoli

Firmly anchored by the pillars of safety and excellence, SSL Scaffolding Ltd stands as a steadfast leader in Malta’s construction industry — evolving into one of the most competitive scaffolding contracting companies on the island.

We took a deeper dive into their journey, unveiling the secrets behind their remarkable safety record and success.

Founding Values

Set up in 2010, SSL Scaffolding Ltd began with a clear mission: to elevate safety standards in scaffolding. That’s why all their work in the industry is regularly and routinely inspected. The key lies in refusing to cut corners by employing highly trained and competent professionals.

Their commitment to safety has led them to gain the qualifications needed to work in such safety-critical environments. Recognizing that safety is an ongoing journey, they regularly invest in training new people by experienced team members.

“We have a proven track record in delivering innovative scaffolding solutions in a creative, cost-effective manner while remaining focused on our top priority – SAFETY.” By staying abreast of the latest industry developments and best practices, they ensure that their safety protocols remain at the cutting edge.

Versatile: Movie Sets, Martime, Commercial, Private & More

In addition to their unwavering focus on safety, SSL Scaffolding offers a diverse range of scaffolding solutions to meet the varied needs of their clients. From residential renovations to commercial constructions, and even aircraft maintenance, repair, and access, they have demonstrated versatility and expertise across multiple domains.

In addition to this, SSL Scaffolding has also lent their expertise to unconventional projects such as scaffolding installations for yachts and movie sets, including iconic productions like Jurassic Park when filmed in Malta.

With a strong emphasis on attention to detail and the ability to deliver complex solutions, SSL Scaffolding has proven itself to deliver tailored solutions that are both cost-effective and time-efficient.

Looking Ahead

As SSL Scaffolding looks to the future, their commitment to safety and excellence remains as strong as ever. With each project they undertake, they aim not only to deliver quality scaffolding solutions but also to set new benchmarks for safety in the industry. By staying true to their founding values and embracing innovation, they are poised to continue their journey of success.

So, If you need professional, reliable, and cost-effective scaffolding solutions for your construction project or home renovation, reach out to SSL Scaffolding Ltd today at 7944 5749. Their team is dedicated to providing personalized assistance and answering any questions you may have.

159, Triq Annibale Preca, Hal Lija, Malta

SSL Scaffolding Ltd has evolved into one of the most competitive scaffolding contracting companies in Malta, providing scaffolding for hire or sale to both the domestic and commercial market. W...

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