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Reiki's the word: Restoring Balance and Well-being in your Life

18 May, 2023 | Alex Teoli

Are you familiar with Reiki? If you're seeking alternative methods of therapy and holistic healing, exploring Reiki could be worth your while. In simple terms, it involves the transfer of energy from the practitioner’s hands to the recipient’s body but it is also so much more than that. Speaking to qualified Reiki Master Charlotte Dimech, she says that Reiki is a process.


In today's competitive landscape where we are constantly striving to meet societal expectations and keep up with never ending demands, she says that we often neglect our own well-being in the pursuit of this unattainable success.


“I say unattainable because unless we are balanced and in alignment with who we are and our emotions, then it is never enough. This leaves us feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and exhausted”.


She goes on to say that Reiki is a guide to restoring balance in our lives, “it’s a journey of self-discovery and self-appreciation and an amazing way to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually”.

So, what is it exactly?

The word "Reiki" itself is composed of two Japanese words: "rei," which means universal, and "ki," which refers to the life force energy that flows through all living things. However, its origins go much deeper than that.


Reiki is a universal life force energy that has been with us since the beginning of time. It’s a form of hands-on healing that has been channelled through many different ways and different cultures around the world at different times. The most practised form in use today was developed by Mikao Usui in the early part of the twentieth century.

How does it work and how can it help me?

From her home studio in Żebbug, Charlotte has helped hundreds of people restore their balance and bring about a profound sense of calm, inner peace, and clarity.


During a Reiki session, the recipient lies down on a therapy bed and reaches a deep state of relaxation/meditation allowing the Reiki practitioner to apply her technique and address any energy imbalances. The energy transmitted through the practitioner’s hands is used as a channel to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and activate the natural healing abilities of the recipient.


She says that is not unusual for people to get emotional during these sessions, with energy blocks being brought to the surface and released. The Reiki energy being felt flowing through their bodies can also make them very emotional as they realise there is so much more to life and what they can achieve.


It encourages self-reflection, self-care, and self-awareness, allowing us to reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level. As we restore balance and heal energetically, Reiki assists in alleviating stress-related symptoms, improving our ability to cope with challenges, and cultivating a more positive mindset.


This also extends to pain management and is often used to complement traditional medical treatments to help manage pain associated with various conditions. It may help reduce discomfort and promote a sense of comfort.


In a world that constantly pulls us in multiple directions, Reiki offers a sanctuary of stillness and restoration. It provides a gentle reminder to slow down, listen to our bodies, and prioritize our well-being.


So why not see for yourself and give Charlotte a call on 9901 8179 or drop her a message on Facebook and start your healing journey today!


Haz-Zebbug, Malta  

+356 9901 8179

We would like to thank you for taking the first step on your journey to heal , renew and remove any obstacles that may have become barriers to your success and your life’s jo...

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