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Get Summer Ready With These Nine Unique Hairstyles at YUVA

12 July, 2023 | Alex Teoli

Looking for a new look this summer? We got you covered! YUVA by Clinton in Zebbug has been transforming and reinventing hairstyles for ten years now, bringing fresh and unique new looks to their clients.


The Quest for the Perfect Hairstyle


We've all been there – Finding the right hair salon that understands your vision and that can bring it to life can be a challenge. Thankfully, YUVA by Clinton takes the stress out of the equation.


With their expertise and welcoming atmosphere, simply sit back on their customised chairs and get ready to be amazed by the array of hairstyles they offer. 

In fact, YUVA offers an impressive range of nine unique hairstyles for men and women, each with its own distinct personality. Let's take a closer look at these captivating collections.

For Women

1. Iconic: Bold, empowering looks that celebrate the strong fashionable woman! The iconic styles of today embody a fresh sense of freedom and lightheartedness, these styles capture attention and leave a lasting impression.


2. Joy: Inject a burst of joy into your life with vibrant colours, playful textures, and whimsical designs that come together to create hairstyles that will make you smile and spread positivity.


3. Oh Woman: From glamorous love waves to fierce pixie cuts, these hairstyles capture the essence of what it means to be confident and feminine in the 21st century.

4. Nude: Emphasizing softness and organic texture, unleash your natural beauty with the nude collection, these hairstyles enhance your features and exude an understated allure. Drawing inspiration from this monochromatic palette, subtle nude tones serve as the ideal canvas to accentuate even the tiniest details.


5. Pure: Clean lines, minimalistic designs and effortless elegance come together to create a refined and sophisticated look as soft pastel shades serve as the bridge between the cuts and colours.

For Men

6. The New Order: Interpreting the man of today in a new historical period, soft textures and current, fresh long hairstyles take centre stage. Set the mood for cuts and styles, beards, moustaches and even shaving. The New Order collection is perfect for those seeking a daring and edgy transformation.


7. The Classics: Everyone loves a good classic! Whether you fancy a sleek bob or voluminous curls, YUVA offers an array of classic hairstyles tailored to your preferences. YUVA also prioritizes beard and moustache care, ensuring a comprehensive grooming experience. Remember, classics never go out of style, that’s why they’re classics.


8. Fusion of Souls: Drawing inspiration from the 50s and reaching up until the 90s, this collection blends the current and popular trends with the soul of classicism and the precision of cuts. Each hairstyle within the collection is a testament to the harmonious fusion of different eras, resulting in captivating looks that showcase the best of both worlds.


9. Olympic Shapes: Get inspired by the strength and grace of athletes with the Olympic Shapes collection. These hairstyles embody movement, energy, and athleticism, allowing you to express your inner champion. Strong and precise lines with visible softness that wins against gravity.


So whether you’re looking to revamp your appearance or maintain your look, YUVA by Clinton is your go-to-destination. For more information, visit their website or for bookings, call today on 2146 3622!

Vjal Il-Helsien, Haz-Zebbug, Malta  ZBG2074

+356 2146 3622

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