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Five Reasons to Choose Swift When Renting a Car in Malta & Gozo

16 August, 2023 | Alex Teoli

On the lookout for a swift, hassle-free car rental experience without any hidden surprises? In the bustling world of car rentals, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle of hidden fees, long wait times, and unreliable vehicles.

However, this is where Swift - Rent A Car comes in! Spanning over four decades in the car rental industry, this family-owned business has mastered the art of providing top-tier service and are known for their ‘swift’ response time as much as they are for their transparent pricing!

1. Top Notch Customer Service

Every aspect is tailored to ensure you have a smooth journey from start to finish. From the very moment you inquire, Swift promises an immediate and efficient response, embodying their name.

Their 24-hour turnaround time ensures that your questions are promptly addressed, and their direct-to-airport car deliveries further streamline the rental process. Swift doesn’t just offer cars; they offer an ethos where the customer is always the top priority, making your journey from start to finish as smooth and welcoming as possible.

From the minute you make an inquiry, expect swift responses and a car waiting for you at the airport!

2. Transparent Pricing with ZERO Hidden Costs

There's nothing more frustrating than unexpected fees. SWIFT's commitment to transparency mirrors the clear blue waters of the Maltese shores.  They provide comprehensive quotes upfront, ensuring no last-minute surprises.


Their no-hidden-extras policy guarantees that the price you're quoted includes everything – especially their unparalleled ZERO EXCESS insurance. No need to stress over last-minute costs or deductions; SWIFT has got you covered.

3. Robust and Hassle-free Insurance Coverage

This transparency extends to their unmatched ZERO EXCESS insurance, offering customers peace of mind without any hidden conditions. From unparalleled ZERO EXCESS to coverage for windshield damages and punctures, every base is covered.


Plus, the free collision damage and theft protection waivers ensure that in the rare event of mishaps, you're well shielded.

4. Going the Extra Mile

Swift goes the extra mile, literally and figuratively. From offering services beyond regular office hours to facilitating the free exploration of Gozo, they consistently exceed customer expectations.


The bonuses, like complimentary Malta and Gozo maps, over €30 in holiday vouchers, and no queues or damage deposits, further enhance the Swift experience.

5. Reliable 24/7 Support

The journey with Swift isn’t just about renting a car; it's about the journey itself. Their 24/7 recovery service ensures you’re never alone on the road, giving travellers the confidence to venture and explore.

26,, Triq L-Alka, Bugibba, Malta  SPB 3042

+356 2157 1269

SWIFT is family run business, offering a high level of customer service at all times. We always make sure to live up to our name. We know that excellent customer care means customer satisfactio...

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