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‘Hops, Sips and Cheers!’ A Craft Beer Revolution is Happening

22 August, 2023 | Alex Teoli

Tucked away near the heart of Naxxar, a craft beer revolution is quietly taking place in the small yet charming Beerhead. Known as the emporium of beer, what it lacks in size it makes up for in variety!

Its shelves are stacked from floor to ceiling with colourful bottles, labels and cans with each bearing the name of a different craft beer, some no doubt you’ve heard of but many others just waiting to be discovered!

I got a chance to speak to the man behind all this, Matthew Buttigieg. Within minutes of meeting Matthew, it quickly became clear that this man has a deep-rooted passion for all things craft beer, his eyes brimming with joy as I sipped one of his more popular brews!
(Editor’s Note: Try their Poppels Passion Pale Ale and thank me later!).

A Beer for Every Palate

In 2019, Matthew launched Beerhead after recognizing the absence of a dedicated craft beer shop and tasting venue. Fast forward four years and today Beerhead stands tall, boasting the most diverse range and the richest depth of craft beer on the market. 

Speaking to the man himself, he tells me how he meets some individuals who proclaim they don't like beer, which he finds a bit hard to swallow. Not from disbelief but from the sheer conviction that they’ve yet to discover the right brew for them!

Variety the Spice of Life

At Beerhead, variety is not just the spice of life, but the very essence of their operation. They've cultivated a diverse portfolio of brews, from the bold bitterness of their stouts to their sweet honeyed malts, refreshing IPAs, crisp pale ales, as well as the timeless classics of lagers and pilsner.

Plus, Beerhead doesn't just stop at craft beer— Matthew’s passion also lies in spice and all things hot which is why they also offer a myriad of spices and hot sauces too!
Stepping into this place could leave one feeling overwhelmed with choice - no need! Their staff are well versed in all aspects of the business and will be more than happy to offer their suggestions based on your likes and dislikes.

Beer Tasting Events

Beerhead’s standout feature is its beer-tasting events. Attendees gather around the table where a selection of craft beers are presented. Each beer is tasted one by one and under the guidance of Matthew or one of his knowledgeable staff, you’ll learn all about the interesting tidbits of each drink—its origins, unique taste and the reasons behind its distinct character.


It gives you a chance to discover new beers in a way that is fun and informative. Plus, it acts as a great icebreaker and is great for team events, a night out with your mates or even a unique date idea!

So, why not see for yourself what Beerhead has to offer? You can either drop by and buy, or sit back and relax on one of their deckchairs and soak up the sun while tasting some of the finest craft beers available on the island!
No doubt, Matthew's passion has carried Beerhead through, transforming it into the go-to destination for craft beer enthusiasts as well as opening the eyes of regulars to a whole new world of beer!

Cheers to that, Matthew!

160, Vjal Il-21 Ta Settembru, In-Naxxar, Malta  NXR1014

+356 7741 4843

Calling all beer aficionados! Established in 2019, Beer Head has emerged as Malta's premier destination for all things related to craft beer, filling a void in the local beer scene. ...

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