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Maltese Homes Are Getting a Versace Makeover

11 September, 2023 | Alex Teoli

When it comes to revamping your interior, there are a lot of things to consider such as space, lighting and colour to name but a few. You have to ask yourself some key questions like is it for aesthetic purposes or is it functional, or both?


It requires creativity, planning and some attention to detail. One design element seamlessly encapsulating these criteria, and currently experiencing a revival in Maltese homes, is wallpaper.


Not just any wallpaper but the spotlight is on high-quality wallpapers suitable for Malta’s humid environment.

Spot on Supplies: Lighting Up Maltese Interiors

As one of Malta's leading lighting companies, Spot on Supplies has emerged as a market leader in transforming living and working spaces with innovative modern designs, advanced LED solutions, decorative products and architectural lighting.


Established in 2004, their commitment to continual innovation and modern designs has always been well… Spot On!


However, its introduction of wall coverings is what's been catching people’s attention lately!

The Writing's On The Wall - Wallpaper is Back!

A particular highlight that stands out is their Versace wallpaper which has been making the rounds online. For Malta's unique climate, the emphasis shifts from merely aesthetic designs to materials suited for longevity.


According to Spot on Supplies, given the country's humidity, the best choice is sunlight-resistant vinyl wallpapers. The best thing is that they require low maintenance and are easily cleaned with damp cloth.

Choices for All

Individuals' interior preferences vary significantly. Some gravitate towards classic elegance, while others seek modern flair, while many opt for more vibrant patterns.

Acknowledging these diverse tastes, Spot on Supplies offers a range of wallpapers catering to all preferences, ensuring Maltese homes can discover their perfect design complement, striking a balance between durability and aesthetics. They possess the potential to revamp and redefine spaces.

In wrapping up, Spot on Supplies offers a blend of durability and modern design tailored for Maltese homes. To see what they have in store, simply click here to get in touch with them today or call them on 7981 7777.

102, Triq Il-Palma, Paola, Malta  PLA 1414

  Spot On Supplies Ltd as a company was legally registered in Malta in November 2004 and started importing all types of light fittings for both indoor and outdoor use with the maxim of of...

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