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A Kaleidoscope of Unity: The Colours of ONAM at Global College Malta

13 September, 2023 | Alex Teoli

One of India’s most celebrated and colourfully decorated festivals recently came to Global College Malta! The ONAM Festival, known for its vibrant celebrations, is all about abundance! It’s about celebrating the bounties of nature and human togetherness, something which strongly resonates with Global College Malta.


Located in Smart City and hailed as one of the Mediterranean’s top private educational institutions, Global College Malta (GCM) is acclaimed for its industry-relevant undergraduate and postgraduate courses in areas like management, marketing and much more.

The Values of Global College Malta

As well as hosting a number of Maltese applicants each year, their students hail from all corners of the globe, spanning various backgrounds and age brackets. This rich tapestry of cultures at GCM fosters a distinctive environment, reminiscent of the inclusive spirit of the ONAM festival.

The college's Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Prashant, emphasises the importance of fostering a sense of belonging among students. Celebrating ONAM was a testament to this commitment.

The ONAM Festival

At its core, ONAM commemorates the mythical return of King Mahabali to his kingdom, a tale rooted deeply in the state of Kerala but celebrated widely across India by diverse religious groups including Hindus, Christians, and Muslims.

Legend recounts how King Mahabali's immense power unsettled the heavenly gods. To curtail his reign, Lord Vishnu, in a clever ploy, sought three feet of land from the benevolent king.


Growing astronomically in size, Vishnu claimed Mahabali's realm in just two strides. With no space left, Mahabali offered his head. Touched, Vishnu allowed his annual return, marking ONAM in August or September.

Amid this backdrop, the festival held at GCM was a kaleidoscope of colour, tradition, and joy. Activities included the arranging of floral decorations known as "Pookalam" and dance forms like "Thiruvathira". These intricate designs, crafted with utmost precision, became focal points of admiration, symbolising the harmony and beauty of nature.

Alongside this, the rhythmic dance forms, notably "Thiruvathira", added to the festive ambiance. Performers in traditional attire gracefully swayed to the beats, captivating the audience and providing a vivid glimpse into the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

The festival was also an opportunity to get a feel for the academic and cultural vibe of the college.

The ONAM festival at GCM took place on Tuesday 29 August and also served as a window into the academic and cultural spirit of the college. For those who missed it, or are interested in what GCM has to offer, check out their courses online.

If you've been considering furthering your studies or are curious about the GCM experience, you’re in luck because admissions are still open! You can check out their courses by clicking here or for more information, drop them a call on +356 2180 1252.

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