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What you get with Findit

What you get with Findit!

Findit! is your 360˚ business promotion tool

The web has changed.


And the new Findit! platform reflects these changes.  


We have added a host of new features that together with our state of the art Find engine will be the only tool you will need to get in touch with your clients, and prospective clients.  And more importantly it will allow clients and potential clients to easily get in touch with you.



Findit! has been successfully connecting clients and businesses for over a decade.

From our state of the art Search Engine Optimisation to simple yet intuitive navigation, the platform is aimed at helping users find your business quickly and easily. The new platform allows businesses to manage their own profile. Need to add an image or telephone number? Login and you can do it in real time.


Reviews are the way forward.

Clients want to be able to share their experiences with a particular business, in order for others to make an informed decision when choosing a particular company over another. A business will receive an email whenever a review is left on their page, thus they will be able to comment immediately, and learn more about what their clients want and need. 


Time is a precious commodity.

When a client needs a particular service they will need to contact each and every business offering that service individually. The Findit! Quote function speeds up this process. Users select the businesses they need to send the request to, fill in one simple form, and then a message will be sent to all the businesses selected.

Quick and easy.

News & Offers

 Getting your news out there is difficult. Findit’s new News and Offers feature offers you the option to promote any news you believe is of interest to your clientele.
From a sale to representing a new brand, Findit! will push your news to your clients.

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