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Why Findit?

Findit! Generates over 7000 sessions per day.

Findit! is Malta's leading online business directory.


We have been generating thousands of visits per day for over 12 years, helping prospective clients find YOUR businesses when they need you.  Anywhere.  Anytime.


Findit! works exactly because of this.  Contrary to other marketing platforms and media, people login to Findit! only when they want to buy a product or service.  Be it a call, email, message or a request for quote, whoever uses Findit! has business for you!

By not being on Findit! you are losing potential business!

FindIt Malta

Equality in exposure

At Findit! we believe that everyone should get the same exposure.  


The order in which business are listed in our results pages is completely randomised.  So your business has a chance of being on top of the search listings as much as any other business.


That's only fair.  We do not believe that anyone should feel threatened to spend more to get more exposure.  By randomising search results we are making sure that any business, no matter how large or small, gets the exposure they deserve.

Target the right people

People do not use Findit! for fun.


They use Findit! when they are looking for your product or service.  And that is what makes Findit! the best tool to market your product or service.  When you are listing on Findit! you are exposing your business to people who need your product or service.  


People use Findit! when they are actively looking to purchase.  And with over 7000 sessions per day that is a lot of business.

Manage your Page

Tired of having to wait for other people to amend your details?  Or worse that that having to pay or wait a year to change your phone number or email?


Not anymore.  With Findit! 's easy to use Client Management System you can easily edit and add details to your pages on the fly. 


Through this innovative system you will also be able to reply to your clients' messages and quotes, and also promote your News & Offers.  All from one simply tool. 

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